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POLL: 65 mph national speed limit — would you support?

| August 11, 2014

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  • JJB

    If you ever let them do it (65 limit) you will live with it forever.
    The government is out of control.

  • Thomas Perkins

    Makes me think we are running on E as far as our national fuel reserves go. Surely we have more than enough to go around.

  • pupeperson

    Absolutely right JJB! The big companies are all for it so their competition (us) cannot offer an expedited service for our customers for an appropriate price. They also have a fleet full of rookies where it probably makes sense to keep them governed down to 65 or less.

  • Ira Doss

    It’s rediculous, the traffic backups would go for miles on open empty stretches of road. I’m opposed to any more regulation. If they set a national governed speed it would have to be gps based or a truck with newer tires will be indicating 65 mph while running 65.75 overtaking the trucks with less tred that also indicate 65 mph but are running 64.75. Just as an example of how this lunacy fails. Picture every small rise or overpass where the heavier truck loses speed. The lighter truck passes, or attempts to, and it’s the reverse on the downhill side. It’s pure insanity!
    Then there’s the big fix of trucks not being permitted to pass. Now the right lane(s) are experiencing a traffic wave. That’s each vehicle accelerating and/or slowing down slightly more than the vehicle ahead of it. Hello, that’s exactly what causes traffic James that last for miles.

  • jim stewart

    Absolutely, positively not! We have one truck recently purchased from a fleet that maxes out at 65 MPH. It’s a living disaster. Every idiot in an auto on the highway plays games with you. This also unexpectedly includes a lot of large trucks who it seems enjoy keeping you in the passing lane as long as possible. Pull out to pass another vehicle and the games begin. I haven’t had a chance yet but this newest truck is about to get turned up to 75MPH.. Not that I run 75MPH, I run mostly 65 MPH the majority of the time. That’s by my own choice but if I get stuck with some idiot who continuously passes and drops back at least with the other two trucks we own I do have the choice to speed up and place some distance between us. However with this new truck we just squired we’re doomed to remain stuck in a dangerous roadway quagmire. I never realized how bad this was until owning one of these speed limited fleet trucks. Every idiot trucking management executive or their safety department management figure who believes this is a great idea should be seat belted behind the wheel for a week or two in one of these speed controlled vehicles to get a good taste of road rage from everyone you block on the roadway. Imagine thousands of trucks all traveling the exact same speed bottled necked on I-95 from Miami to New York? This is nothing more than one giant accident waiting to happen forcing professional drivers to be exposed constantly to a more stressful situation. If you feel you must control the speed of the drivers that you hire you’re just not hiring the right people! Try upgrading your work force rather than designing systems to keep steering wheel holders in check! Bad drivers can have bad crashes at forty MPH so controlling speed is a senseless corporate exercise in passing the buck.

  • Bob Walker

    I would support you going to hell and carry that idea with you.BW

  • Bubba Trucker – Red Light Band

    Speed is relative to the traffic and road conditions.

    65mph, for example, is way too fast in crowded Interstate conditions in inclement weather, but out on the open roads of Montana or Texas with no other vehicle in sight – it is not. In that second example – traffic and road conditions come in second to vehicle condition. Is the truck’s tires properly inflated, not cut or dry rotted? Brand new radials carrying their designed loading are safe to take up to their design speed.

    In that special open road situation with no traffic on a clear day, a truck not overloaded with tires properly inflated in good condition could handle the rated top end speed of that tire – 80mph, 100mph, 120mph. But that comes with a waiver – a waiver and warning of heat buildup due to high speed, sidewall flex, and high road temps – all of which lead to a over heated tire that is likely to separate.

    I had a friend of mine many years ago tell me how he took his Pete to over 110mph out West on an barren road – and he lived to tell about it, and did not kill anybody. The reason for that is he was operating his truck within safe parameters at that specific time.

    Speed is relative. I am more worried about traffic congestion, poorly maintained road surfaces, and bad weather.

  • Bubba Trucker – Red Light Band

    And if the trucking industry at large would take away the main incentive to push drivers to speed – by PAYING THEM BY THE HOUR – instead of every other half baked scheme under the sun – drivers would not be trying to pack more miles in a set time frame…as in the infamous cents per mile pay scheme commonly used by OTR carriers.

    Pay the trucker for ALL of the Driving and ON – Not Driving (up to 80 hours per work WITH overtime), and 99% of the speeding issue would be gone over night.

    There will *always* be the 1%’ers who want to drive fast no matter what. They stay in the left lane – and every other soul on the road better get out of their way. Those types usually get weeded out of the driver pool eventually.

  • Csnyd

    Why would you want to go any faster anyway. For all you guys going 70 mph slow down to 62 and the fuel savings alone will make a truck payment. Super truckers think big companies go slow because of the rookies. They go slow because they save moiilons in fuel cost every year doing this. Just keep hauling ass if you don’t like money.

  • Mark Douglas Putnam

    no and heres why ive driven trucks for 26 yrs and never needed the thing and theres to many times when a four wheeler will do there best to ride right beside the truck and not let u pass or get over butlets be fair here some of my fellow truck drivers also do the same thing and ive only received three tickets so why do I need a nanny to babysit me if you cant be free then why live

  • Deez Nuts

    Because I can. Because I don’t haul cheap freight. Because the speed limit is 75 where I live. Because I don’t want to be rear-ended by someone going 30mph faster than me.

  • Clinton Seals

    I am all for the national speed limit for trucks to be 65 and let the companies do as they desire whether it be a owner operator or a fleet. I also would like to see the 80 mph speed limit in several states to be removed this speed is creating a lot of potential of major accidents especially with all of those negligent text and or handheld device users that are a danger to our highways while they are driving at those speeds. I am all for the offset of speeds for the four wheelers and trucks and believe that our national speed limits on open and non congested area highways and interstates should be set at trucks 65 and cars at 70 PERIOD. We all know that most of the motoring public will still go over these limits so let our Highway Patrol do their work. I really cant understand why this is such an issue ,how hard is it to understand that we need some uniformity in our country on this .

  • Mountain Flyer

    We just amped up the freeway speeds in most places to 80 mph for cars and 70 for trucks… viva la Idaho!

  • alltransco

    Some of you truly are idiots……
    if you want something to be governed, govern the four wheelers. keep them from cutting in and out of traffic at 80, 90, 100 mph it would also keep them from hauling Ass to get beside or in front of you then slowing to your speed.
    as for CSYND, you sir or maam are exactly thr company driver mentality we are speaking of.
    I am a business owner, I have three trucks, while your 62mph governed truck averages 60mph 10 hours a day 5 days per week, my triple digit trucks average 70mph 10 hours per day 5 days per week. come Friday I have averaged 500 miles more than you,( being that I am not paid by the mile and I get rates of $2-$4/mile If you were to break it down to mileage)
    while you averaged 7-7.5 mpg I only averaged 5.8-6.1, I will have spentvan extra $600 in fuel but cleared an extra $900 by running 500 miles more than you in the same amount of time.
    that’s $45000. Per year more than you because of 8 mph. its all about the bottom line. don’t compare a $40000./yr company attitude to a $300000./yr owner operator attitude.
    they don’t tell the people you haul for how fast to ship or receive what you carry. why should they regulate how fast you transport that same product. regulate cars, dot, fmcsa and stop trying to hinder my $1,000,000/ per year corporation.

  • Mike Smith

    If they want to slow people down they should slow the 4 wheelers down.

    By the way they should make it a law that 4 wheelers must take a test identifying that they know the hazards they can cause around big trucks; along with huge fines.

    After all there is a lot of CRYING from the pussy factor about accidents, & accidents with big trucks.

  • Dave Nichols

    not in favor of speed limits but I learned long ago that speeding will not allow you to get there and faster. At least not enough to make a difference in earnings. years ago saw the results of horsepower differences also.
    trucks with 300hp small cats against trucks with 425hp cats. same gross loads. LA to Chicago, 425hp trks were 18 minutes faster for the trip.
    300hp trk used $237 less fuel.

  • Teacher

    Deez; you are a sure sign of a true idiot cowboy. That is a real stupid answer. Csnyd had an excellent point about fuel savings and tire wear etc.. You sure don’t make that much better time driving 70 mph or 75mph. Try it and see. Be rear ended when driving 65 mph and someone goes 30 mph faster? Where are you; on a race track. Do they really run 95 mph. or can you not do the math. If it takes a long time to pass a truck than maybe the driver being passed should let up a little just to let him get by. We have the 65 mph law in Ontario and it works fine, but there are still stupid ignorant truck drivers that will hold a truck out there for miles. You can’t fix total stupidness. and there sure are a lot out there.
    Why do so many truckers make fools of themselves? Most are not smart enough to drive a proper speed that is why the regulations keep popping up! Look at all the tailgating they do to 4 wheelers. Oh by the way when you drive home from work what do you drive? I drive a 4 wheeler STUPID

  • teacher

    Here you go again Mike. You are always on here making a complete ass of yourself. 4 Wheelers? What do you drive on your way home from work. What does your husband and kids drive; probably a big rig? I doubt it. What would you do if some slob truck driver like yourself was rear ending them while they are driving. Smarten up and act like a real truck driver not a slob. Respect every one on the road. The next person hit by a truck may be your family

  • pupeperson

    I don’t know what route these two supposed trucks ran between LA & Chicago, but I can promise it wasn’t the short route thru Denver and IA over I-70 & I-80.. 18 minutes? Give me a break! Maybe if they were both speed limited to 50 mph that could happen, but I’ve spent I don’t know how many trips where a 300 hp truck w/ a van trailer grossed out couldn’t even have achieved a top speed of 50 mph, let alone average that across NE or IA. And, even if one does use $237.00 more fuel, that’s cheap if you gain a turn by doing so. Kind of beside the point, but that big Cat would still be running strong after the little one had 2 or 3 over-hauls trying to keep up.

  • Deez Nuts

    Keep hauling your $. 99 cent a mile garbage freight, keep letting the man tell you what to do. I live in a state where the speed limit is 75 and people travel 90+. I really don’t care what you think about me being a cowboy, I’ve been doing this for over 20 years safely no tickets. I don’t speed i drive the speed limit 75. Keep your 62.5 mph truck I’ll keep my 90 mph truck. When you start paying for my fuel then you can tell me how to run.

  • gus deason

    Because your an idiot. I live in Texas and the speed limit is just fine. Also I remember when the national speed limit was 55. It didn’t save lives. But it did make a lot of money for the government. Also if split speed limits is safe then why is California crash rate 3 times worse then Texas?

  • Mike Smith

    It’s a fair guess you are one of those scum bags that belong to one of those anti-truck driver groups I have exposed here before.

    The only ass hole, and the slob here is you, as we can tell by your idiotic response!

    Now let me as your dumb $uck’n a$$, who drives, hushing around trucks? My guess, based on your stuipd ass comment is, you would say, BIG trucks, RUSH around, and cut in front of trucks,

    Dumb asses like you are a dime a dozen. You’ve got to be one of these new Democratic/Communist party $hit heads. It’s these race car, ass holes, who are responsible for most of the accidents.

  • Truckertwotimes

    Man, you hit the nail on the head with every word you wrote, this among other things in this category is why I can’t stand to drive even in a four wheeler.

  • Truckertwotimes

    People that make up laws rules and regulations are either educated out of their common sense, crooked thieves, don’t have to live by them, stupid or all of the above etc etc etc…

  • alltransco

    By the way.
    I have been doing this for 20 years with NO tickets and NO accidents.
    Trucks and speed limits ARE NOT the problem.

  • David S. McQueen

    Once again, the northeast quadrant of the USA wants everyone in America to follow their dictates. The roads in New England were designed in the 1930s and haven’t changed, so a low speed limit is “reasonable” for them. West of the Mississippi, everything is new and wide open and higher speed limits are reasonable. Lower speed limits are pushed by 2 groups: politicians who want more revenue from traffic fines and ignorant liberals who believe higher speed limits cause more accidents. Both groups are as useless as square tires and about as effective.

  • Cameron S Morris

    It is a safety issue when u cant even pass the otger truck

  • chazzz

    You don’t know what your talking about. I dorve for many years, both slow trucks and faster more powerful..When the truck driver is limited in speed/ HP/TQ needed to maintain a constent speed even on small grades it adds to time for both the trucker and the 4-wheelers. Many times the trucker gets stuck in the left lane when he has to move over either for 4-wheelers merging at a on ramp or other 4-wheelers blocking the right lane. Let the trucks have enough power to maintain a constent speed and it will be safer for all. Been there done that.

  • chazzz

    You don’t know what you are talking about. Trucks need to be able to maintain a constant speed comparable to cars or you wind up with more traffic congestion,accidents etc. Split speed limits are dangerous, period. Everything a person uses is transported and delivered by trucks and drivers (no automated trucks yet) You want the cost to go up a lot more keep adding restrictions.Hourly pay is laughable, that would really drive cost up for everybody on everything. How about using a little common sense when driving,esp around the big rigs. Stop cutting them off,swoop and dive driving, blocking lane changes, etc. The trucker has a better view than the 4-wheelers, there may be a reason for the lane change that might save lives,even yours.

  • Robert Smith

    It ain’t just liberals that think that way,there are plenty of conservatives that think the same thing.Labeling people only serves to alienate those that might actually be your ally on some issues.Truckers should only see each other as fellow truckers and stop being divided by race and political party affiliation.If that ever happened,we could finally have the power to call the shots and tell the government,the cops and the public,that we are going to take back our rights and have a say in what we will and won’t do or put up with.

  • Robert Smith

    I am a Democrat and I feel the same as you and have been pretty much an outlaw trucker by most peoples definition for over 30 years with no accidents.I am an old school trucker who knows what’s what and knows what a real truck driver is and yes I hate the DOT and the cop harassment just like you .So why do you have to assume that every person you hate or disagree with must be a Democrat.?Also most Democrats are not really communists.Thats just what Fox News says.Most of us have a lot in common on the issues affecting trucking and life if we could see past the name calling.Just for example , although I might have worded it a little different,I basically agreed with everything you said until you made the assumption that because he was a dumbass,he must be a Democrat/Communist. There are plenty of dumbasses and Communists in either party.Stop the labels and assumptions in your comments and discussions and you just might find more allies than you ever knew you had.

  • David S. McQueen

    Identity politics are the ignorant libs’ main weapon. You don’t like “labeling people”? Tell that to the liberals who label EVERY group. There aren’t “plenty” of conservatives who want lower speed limits. What they want is for government to stop micro-managing the citizens’ lives. Remember who put Obama in the WH: radical leftists and ignorant liberals.

  • Laura W

    No – No – No to governed trucks. We have to get out of the way of these 65 mph drag racers that can’t pass. It’s not the trucks doing all the speeding anyway. Look @ the ones they have pulled over and it’s the 4 wheelers. Tell Oregon to put their speed limit up to 65 for trucks so they quit burning up our log hours & can’t get anywhere in a timely manner. When you have to log 7 hours from east to west it’s ridiculous. We pay the fuel, we drive safe & still don’t have a speeding ticket.

  • Laura W

    The mountains out west from WY to OR/WA will show you what engine you want. It’s not the little ones. Also if you want to do 50 mph you won’t have much of a paycheck.

  • brad

    All trucks at the same speed will be a disaster.I can run eighty but I have never done it.I mostly run sixty five for fuel savings .Like the rest of you I have had to use the extra speed to move because cars wont.All of us have been cruising down the interstates and seen on ramps two hundred feet long with a truck trying to merg fully loaded doing twenty miles per hour.There always seems to be a car hanging out beside you keeping you from getting over.We all need the power to move out of bad situations.

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  • PhuzE

    No, I would not support this. What I would support is equalized speed limits per state. i.e. Indiana and Arkansas 70 65 limits for cars and trucks. With the number of vehicles on the road trying to merge into traffic is difficult at best. I would support a mandate that all trucks have the ability to do the respective state speed limits, i.e. Schneider, Roehl, J.B.Hunt , etc.

  • clete

    why is it that grown men have to be told what speed to run,when to take a break ,when to go to sleep,etc. stand up to these idiots making these stupid rules. shut the trucks down for a week and see how quick they get off our ass!!!!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    HELL NO I have a car that can run right at 150mph and get there fast ,

  • Magilla

    My blood pressure was OK till they limited my truck to 65 now I get pissed off at least once a day , I would like for the owner to limit his car to 65 and see how fast he gets pissed . You catch another truck and pull out to pass and can’t get around for nothing 5 or 10 miles your still stuck in the left lane or you get almost around going up a hill because your truck has less wieght get to the top you need another 20 ft. before you can come over in front of him and going down the other side he lets the wieght push him right back up beside you . With everyone driving the same speed you would see nothing but tailgating and can you see it in the winter with snow and ice 20 or 30 cars and trucks piled up .

  • Robert Smith

    See instead of finding common issues we need to fight together you would rather call people names.Since you claim Republicans are against big governed and don’t want to micromanage your life,why are they the ones that have fought medical marijuana and abortion rights for women( personally I don’t support abortion on demand) voting rights etc? I am a trucker first and my political affiliation does not enter my mind when I am fighting for TRUCKERS rights and issues that affect us .You should too and maybe we wouldn’t have these things forced on us .

  • bigred

    LOL,,,,You want gridlock, then bring this on, we can sure mess up early morning and late evening traffic……

  • David S. McQueen

    Where do you think these laws and regulations come from? The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT promulgates the regulations. If you aren’t politically aware and don’t understand our system of government, then you don’t have a clue of how to fight against it. Just saying you’re a “trucker first” means you only see the small picture as it pertains to you personally, not to the country as a whole.

  • Wm McGruder

    Trucks need to run at LEAST 75 mph. Times are changing from those 55mph days. And they way people drive nowadays, it’s safer to speed up and be able to get out of the way than contribute to the problem. I won’t even talk about going out West in a slow truck. If you’re not going 75, you MAY be read about in the newspaper. It would be safer for the driver in many ways to turn up trucks to at LEAST 75. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.