Poll: Chief attraction of maintaining your own operating authority?

| November 13, 2013

  • jim stewart

    Making the transportation deal directly with the customer. Piece of mind knowing exactly what the load really pays. No more guessing if I am being paid the correct % of what I’m told was the actual rate.There’s to many unscrupulous companies out here pocketing a lot more than what they claim to have collected. A lot of these companies have agents who represent them that play this game everyday. Many carriers who allow this to continue or even support this behavior by their trucking agents lose their credibility among drivers. They then wonder why truckers badmouth them. Of course there are those out here who make such a good living stealing money from their operators they could care less what anyone thinks. Why share money for a service that you can do yourself with a little extra effort?

  • 1tontrucks

    in like all the above but moreso having my own authority gives new customers the confidence that im not a fly by night here today gone tomorrow company, even futher I run where I can maximize profits and maintain service levels my customers have come to depend on.. what I think needs addressing is less regulation on the trucks and MORE on the brokerages…more money to the truck = more to the driver and so on..I am tired of guessing whether or not I am getting the best rate, while the thought of talking to the customer directly looms cuz im always getting unscrupulous agents screwing me and my drivers around biggest is truck ordered not used I spend 250 or more on getting to a load to get a 150 tonu.. tarping is FREE????? carrying 24 4x4s???? to a truck for a load that pays 550.????? B S start regulating HOW MUCH REALLY GOES TO THE TRUCK……and STOP BILLING ME FOR EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN…….

  • Bryce Champagne

    The freedom to have a say in who I work for and when Im off IF and only IF I have mad enough money to do so, but the DOT enforcement and rules are probably going to push me out of the business because they are taking too much of my proffits to justify trucking and they hinder efficiency way too much to justify my personal time spent on the road and at work away from my family and friends.

  • Shadow Hauling

    I enjoyed the sense of being able to control when and where I went and being able to spend time home more.but that changed though. I was home once a week before the new updated hos regs kicked in. Now Im out 2-3 weeks at a time because Im forced to try to sleep when Im not tired and then have to sleep when I should be driving. I have always been a night driver because i like the solitude and didnt have to put up with so many vehicles on the road. Now I drive for 30-40 miles to try to find a place to pull over for my 30 minute break or my 1-5, I cant sleep then, session. Hope it gets changed soon or else Im out of it. I think my back is hurting, maybe I need SSI. P.S. I only drive a pickup but still have to follow all the same regulations as the tractor trailer drivers do and had a recent audit of all my records to be sure I was in compliance, so when you see me treat me as one of your own please because I may be the one that picks you up some cold night or stop to help with a frozen fuel line or help put our a fire in your trailer. YES I have done al these. I drove tractor trailer before so I still treat all of you as my brothers and sisters. We have to stick together.Steve @ Shadow Hauling Hauling And Transport

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