POLL: Has your most recent DOT physical resulted in a sleep apnea test?

| June 26, 2014

  • helmethead

    Examiner wanted a sleep test and I went to another Examiner who never asked. I informed the first one that it is not required by law and that I did not have any symptoms of Sleep Apnea.

  • Red Light Bandit

    Just another way of the feds trying to help out with the experienced driver shortage…..s the older experienced guys get older and rack up medical conditions – the good old boys at the DOT inspection agency look into every crack and crevice for a way of getting rid of that driver – and tossing them into the pile of old unemployed and soon to be homeless group.

    After all – it was the great OBAMER himself who said students should STOP at the 2 year Associate degree and think real hard about getting a job (so they can contribute taxes to all of his schemes), instead of continuing with a 4 year or graduate degree.

    OBLAMER’s plan of action:
    put all of the old “diseased” critters out to pasture, while making room for the upcoming X Gen crowd with no jobs and no skills and no money, and nowhere to go – except back to daddy’s house to live.

    People you need to get SMART if you want to win this battle for your job. You do NOT bring up ANY form of medical condition whatsoever during a DOT medical. Let THEM figure it out and discover it. It’s hard enough already to pass a DOT medical if you waltz in there with a 300 pound belly…and that is just the start of their digging for more medical issues to deny you a medical card.

    There is an old Army saying that goes “never volunteer for anything”, that includes giving out info on a disclosure form. You are better off with a simple case of lost memory – like Louis Lerner and the IRS emails – instead of being honest and upfront.

    Learn from the Master – OBLAMER – you lie and deny – and then complain about how long ago it was – as WHAT DOES IT MATTER.

  • Red Light Bandit

    Same think with prescriptions – for you older folks.
    DOT regs allow certain types of controlled meds under certain conditions and situations. Don’t let a goof doctor right out of medical “skool” baffoon you into thinking otherwise.

    Go to a second person and get a second opinion.

    Problem now is – once the thing is brought out in the open, and the goof doc puts their comments into the national database – it’s like the old DAC file with all of its inaccuracies and flaws – ruined plenty a good driver in its time.

  • Craig Vecellio

    Is that what they’re calling the kids now? “X Gen” as a play on “Gen X?” Gen X is 40 or so now.

  • zak

    the examiner mentioned, and we spoke about it but didn’t affect my certification.

  • vm

    Oh yeah & TV like ‘Chasing Life’ ? Is it titled, that & young gal diagnosed w/cancer & TV show can it ?subconsciously Initiate ‘slush file frame of references’ that lend themselves toward polarized youth view developing (?) that saving elders is not worth investment’s RETURN dollars, since elder low income tax payer may be collecting more dollar benefits than were paid into system/govt. And if those folk push hard enough, (?)will they institute voluntary & mandatory euthanasia at certain age or dollar value outlay? ? Didn’t i see that SciFi movie couple few years ago?…
    Currently home getting parent squared away with correctly targeted treatment & medications & home-care. Hindsight, looking back to b4 he went on state subsidy, the specialists seen b4 surg’, & their staff @that time, were forthcoming about detailing to me their observations, plans & his health forecast. Now the supportive well modulated soft voice tones of staff at primary care facility hav been replaced average-wise by much frostier tones espec as delivered by young Hispanics females on staff. Seems since he not ‘snow bird’ evidencing moderate or gr8r wealth, & main tourist season over (& likelihood 4 earning a tip gone) that the facade has ignominiously dropped.
    Can’t help wondering (?) What are demographics of Veterans who died waiting for medical appt?
    It’s will b near 3 months after initial contact when Dad finally sees correct specialist doctor minus expedited cash/carry PreOp Clearanc status he was in 8 months or so ago at beginning of ‘snow bird’ season. Debating whether can sue his ex wife for failing to maintain his various insurances & failing to disclose his doctor’s names as requested, etc. All of which causes everything going on to be considered ‘preexisting’ as result & not covered by ins he had which made it allegedly logical to file for state help for home care, medical care. Well, all (bleeping) side effects listed & reported to be experienced taking ‘x’ were blown off (?) by nurse who wrote interim prescription for 5X- original doseage. I couldn’t believe it! Emailed & called Every1 about this & prescription not being changed & still waiting to see specialist who allegedly will/can revise his medications. To me these folks entirely too cavalier about this. We’re south of Phoenix & so that why putting in 2 cents.
    Thx 4 venue Overdrive.
    PS: Dad was trucker but hasn’t driven in some time.

  • Fluffy

    Truck drivers pick up and deliver 24/7 , there is no sleep pattern. Like in all tests and theories one must look at the omissions and variables to see if they are valid or not. Sleep apnea will not stand against close scrutiny an the variable human beings not to be confused with robots

  • Barton van Buskirk

    last year didnt ask its this year they started …goes by your neck size anything over 17 inches also heard 19 –seems if your fat they send you —work for tyson insurance paid for machine ..but to take the test the clinics are charging 700 hundred plus what ever they get from your insurance ;’..,;./–you have met your deductible this year get tested this year will save you alot of money next year

  • Robert T Dennie

    Obummer is trying to kill the trucking industry .

  • Bob Stanton

    The poll needs one more option.

    I have sleep apnea and am under current and effective treatment.

    I’ve been on cpap since 2002 getting one year cards with no problems.

  • mousekiller

    He is doing his best to kill America

  • manyguestprease

    My examiner mentioned I might want to get it done.
    I spoke with my GP about it, I had a few red flags in his book, so out of sheer curiosity he sent me out to have a sleep test.

    Turns out, I had a huge number of awakening events an hour.

    Was prescribed a CPAP on the spot.
    First few weeks were a little rough, but once I got going on it- I’ve never slept better. I sleep like a baby, now; wake up crying every few hours.

    All kidding aside, there’s been a huge improvement in the quality of my sleep. I no longer have headaches in the morning, and sleep solidly throughout the night.

    I’m just telling your my experience, and trying not to jump on the overregulation bandwagon. But you guys need to giver consideration to the fact, that this is a medical condition, and it needs attention, and if it does not get the attention it requires- it has very negative impacts on your health and lifespan.

  • James

    This is a total scam. The company I work for tests for sleep apnea. 100% of those tested are told they have it. That right there should tell you something.

  • Bob

    Sleep Apnea, did anyone consider the human factor? Or consider the variables that interfere the human ability to fall asleep? Things like problems that need solving, soreness or pain, finding a comfortable position in which lie, a sleeping partner move around, worrying about getting up on time and well you get the picture, the list can go on and on.
    What I am saying is, there are too many variables to raise Sleep Apnea for most part above the level of a theory. Though it is agreeable that some people have a breathing problem that should be addressed. The problem is the blanket the is being thrown over a large number of drivers because they have big necks, over weight or didn’t answer the questioner right.
    Better low cost examinations and better ways of checking for sleep apnea need found. The financial burden should not be any more than the cost of a medical exam.
    To many people have been hurt by the cost the test and the time involved. The worst thing is the test is not needed and hasn’t proved it has made the road any safer.

  • Big Daddy

    I’m in good shape can touch my toes squat all with no problem I’m a flatbed driver been o/o for over 20 years no back problems good vitals no meds. Today I went for d.o.t physical doc was only going to give me a one year card, because I’m overweight I’m not a blimp or a mountain of cholesterol by any means but she told me that the dot wants them send any likely subject to a sleep study. I talked to her and explained that everything else was fine and I never got a one year card she did finally give me a two year card but told me that I have to follow up with my family doctor because this is not the end of it

  • TruckerBob

    After Sleep Apnea will be Colonoscopies. Then they will tell you when the proper time to take a dump will be. MORE GOV’T CONTROL

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