POLL: Has your view of Obamacare changed?

| April 02, 2014

  • Debbie MacLeod

    I do Medical Billing for a living. My husband owns the Trucking Company. I have been involved with healthcare claims since 1990. In my experience, people that need to pay their own premiums seldom do. If it comes out of a paycheck it’s taken care of you never see the money, you don’t miss the money.

    So here is the scenario:

    You are seldom sick.
    Seldom need the doctor.
    Not on any maintenance medication.
    -0- Monthly Cost for Healthcare.

    Now we have the Affordable Care Act aka as OBAMACARE

    Now you are forced the pay an Insurance Premium.
    The only Premium you can afford is $300 a month for you.
    OH, you have a wife & kids…..tack on hundreds more.
    Your a truck driver with your own Authority making the big bucks, so you will not be eligible for the OBAMACARE Discounts.
    All you really can afford is that $7,500 deductible plan.

    You pick up a bug at the greasy spoon on your route.
    Food Poisoning you say.
    Now is that a trip to a Minor Emergency Center?
    Probably not less than $250 because in addition to seeing you, they want to pull some blood for the lab.

    Or your Hospital ER? Probably not less than $1,000. Have to pay for the ER Room, The doctor that see’s you will bill their services, the lab, oh, they need to CYA might include an X-Ray & the Radiologist that reads the X-ray. So get my drift. Everybody that touches you, bills you.

    Remember you have that high insurance premium, that has a $7,500 deductible in addition to all the charges you just incurred. You’ve always put a little money back for sickness.

    Most Doctors and Hospitals give a generous discount for Self Pay Individuals anyway. You have insurance now. Probably will not get that discount.

    So what good is being forced to pay the insurance? Unless you have a Life Altering Event. Insurance is not worth the paper you file in your cabinet and the card in your wallet.

    Ever wonder when this bill was passed, who’s hand was out?

    The Government now tells us that we have to buy insurance or be fined by the IRS.

    Next the doctor will be told that they cannot “treat” someone that does not have insurance. That they will be fined for doing so. The Hippocratic Oath just went out the window.

    Makes me want to run to the dictionary and look up the exact meaning of what’s happening here.

    It’s a sad situation the way our country is going.

    If we could just go back to 2008………….

  • Danny Murdock

    It’s working for me.Last year I was on the road & my wife was in a great deal of pain.Our $750 a month insurance had a $5000 deductible,covering no doctor visits or prescriptions so she put it off going to a ER until the was unbearable.
    The ER doc ran up a $12000 bill in six hours.Turns out she had Shingles that could have been identified by looking at her skin,he didn’t do that.
    The hospital discounted over $6000 to the insurance company,leaving us with a $5000 bill & the insurance company paying nearly nothing. remember this is for six hours & no diagnosis.She was referred to a specialist.The next day a friend identified it as Shingles & a local clinic confirmed that for $35,far less than $12000
    Now my premium is much less than 1/2 that,doctor visits & prescriptions are covered.My wife could have gone to the clinic first & got meds for $45 total.The deductible is $500.Overall I am saving big time plus can get care as needed not when desperate.
    I am not paying the bill so they will absorb it through overcharging others & tax dollars.
    We could sue for malpractice but again that would be paid for by others.

  • Adrian

    Your scenario makes perfect sense unless, as you mentioned, you have a life altering event(ie something that costs tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills). But that’s one of the reasons to have insurance in the first place, so you’re not ruined financially if something major were to happen. Do I want to pay double what I was paying for insurance last year? Of course not. However, if this program actually helps those who previously couldn’t afford insurance(either because of income level or pre-existing conditions) than I’m okay with spending the extra money. I also take comfort in the fact that under the new program the out-of-pocket max is $6,350.

    What I find truly interesting is that nobody complains about having to pay for car insurance(which has been mandatory for as long as I can remember), at least to the extent they’re complaining about “Obamacare”. I can certainly make the same kind of argument that you’re basically throwing money away on car insurance, since 99% of the time you won’t need it. When you do need it, however, you’re most definitely glad you were forced to get it.

    I agree the current health care program is less than ideal, but I also believe it’s a step in the right direction. There is absolutely no reason universal healthcare should not exist in this great country of ours.

  • Debbie MacLeod

    Universal Healthcare would be great. My daughter flew to England a couple of years back. Developing a sore throat in flight. When she got off the plane, non resident mind you, she went to the clinic, was seen within minutes, an injection for strep throat and out the door. Said it was a great experience.

    I was an office manager at a pediatric clinic back in 2000. We had our “frequent flyers” that going to the pediatrician was a “social event.” Having several mothers that weekly found something wrong with one of their three kids. That is where our healthcare dollars being spent. How do you deny care to a kid because mother is nuts

  • texan2thebone

    The UnAffordable Healthcare Act is still among the worst legislation passed by Congress, EVER! It did nothing to address the reasons for high costs, and tramples the beliefs of many. There were also too many non-healthcare related issues tucked in out of view and passed without the knowledge of the people.

  • Johnny

    Your comparison to car insurance is not valid! Your are not taxed(fined) if you do not have car insurance! You may be fined if your involved in an accident or stopped and asked to show proof but that is the only time! Obamacare fines you from the start! I wonder what the taxes collected will be used for? Will they use that money to buy health care for those of us who are paying the fines?

  • Cameron

    $6350??? That is not the out of pocket max for a family. For a family, the out of pocket max is $12,700. Under Obummercare, my relatively young, relatively healthy family of four would have to pay out over $6,000 in premiums and then the first $12,700(that is damn close to 20K) before the insurance does anything.
    Thankfully I am still on an old plan, for this year anyway. Same premiums, better coverage, and lower deductibles/less risk.
    Obummercare is not about making health insurance better, it is about redistributing money.

  • jkgoossen

    The only ones benefiting from this is the private sector insurance companies. This is not “Government funded insurance”. We are paying private sector insurance companies; who by the way ARE making money from us. For what reason has the President forced us to do this?

    I 100% agree with you Debbie MacLeod!!

  • johnny m.

    4yrs ago insurance co dropped my wife because of bipolar meds and that are working great .a year later I went on low dose blood pressure meds and cholesterol pills then they dropped me.I am independent in florida.we were paying doc. visits out of pocket and praying nothing big would happen medically speaking that fear is the worst.new health care law put laws that put plans in effect that we can now buy insurance right from them they figure your wages and apply government portion of assistance for us its been great and don’t ever want to go back to what was their before the new law.Who does not want healthcare? you got to be nuts.go out and do some shopping.

  • David S. McQueen

    My insurance premiums went up and the deductible went up (from $2 K to $3 K). To Obama, that’s more affordable? I knew he was an ignorant phony, but ObamaCare is beyond stupid.

  • kajidono

    Yes, shop as much as you want with other people’s money. See how long that lasts.

  • carey wiley

    i bet you think the emergency rooms filling up with people, after the doctors office closes. i live near gainesville,ga. and athens, ga. and that is what happens. ok now we pay taxes to keep our hospitals afloat. obama care will be the best thing that has happend in our gonerment in years. what is stupid is letting people use our emergency rooms for everthing including very minor things. and never pay anything.if people will enroll it will be a great plan. i am behind obama 100% Carey wiley

  • localnet

    $2000 more a year on our employer provided insurance… But at least this grandpa and grandma have all sorts of maternity care and other nonsense we do not need, nor want.

  • crazycat

    Truckers are the biggest bunch of uneducated bigots I have ever had the pleasure of being associated with for the last 35 years and I am glad I got out.You are too stupid to help yourself and now all you want to do is bitch about how bad Obamacare is ,all the while half of you are going without insurance and just a sickness away from sticking it to somebody by not being able to pay.Also if you think they discount for cash customers you are wrong.You don’t even want to be helped when it is there for you.Even those of you that DO have insurance you would rather keep on paying your super high premiums and bitch,than to check out the website for real and compare it to what you have.You would rather believe what you are told over the CB and on Fox News and keep on trucking in ignorance just like you have done all your life.I know it is not perfect and a lot of that can be blamed on Republicans forcing concessions from Obama in order to pass it.I also know some of you are not as I describe,but most of you are and its sad.Keep on trucking dummies.I am not for Obama nor against him but most of you are against the Affordable Care Act just because of your hatred for him.Grow up,learn to read,and think for yourself.PS(Capt’ Jack please come back and show them what a real trucker is)

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