Poll: Have the new hours affected your income?

| November 06, 2013

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    yes they have. i am making a few more bucks now because several of the larger cheaper motor carriers are not able to move their customers freight 24/7 as in the past so i am picking up customers who normally would go for that cheaper rate.. now it’s please deliver my load at your rate but have it here.. how long will this last? anyone’s guess. as long as there are more loads ready to move than cheap a$$e$ to haul we can survive but if this damn economy can’t sustain a good head of steam within the next year we’ll be right back into the pit with the cutthroat motor carriers again. they’ll just purchase more trucks and fill the seats with zombies (i mean live school trainees or live bodies) which they seem to have an endless supply of. they must keep them on ice (or maybe ice isn’t doing their job?) whatever, it appears the suckers are willing to get behind the wheel, work their butt off, then bit@h about the money later just before they quit truck driving and go back to unemployment, landscaping, framing, or cross back over the border..

  • guest

    Yep…it was a common chuckle in the Dispatch Office of a major carrier…they call the Zombies…”MEAT IN THE SEAT”…….and they chuckle and slap each other on the back…..its kind of true!!

  • Mamamia

    As a team, we are suffering during 34 restarts due to the two 1 AM to 5 AM periods-the night driver is thrown all out of whack, and we cannot effectively deliver loads for the expedited company we pull for. Everybody needs to contact their Representative in Congress and their Senators so that this can be reversed – there is a bill before the house NOW, folks.

  • Earl

    I’m seeing the same. Rates and weekly revenue are up. Some of this of course is the regular seasonal deal. In addition, I am seeing expedited to Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target and the other abusers not getting covered. It’s harder for these guys to sit on a Wal-Mart dock under the new rules…..so I’m good with em.

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