POLL: Is it a good time to get your own authority?

| December 04, 2013

  • Don Dawson Sr

    No, is my answer. Just what we need, more broke dicks getting their authority and running for nothing and not knowing any thing about rates or trucking in general. I ran into a guy running form California to New York for $3500.00 and he didn’t have a clue what the rate should be.

  • Vrahnos

    There is no good time for one to get their authority unless they are commited to running a busisness that has a lot of ups and downs it it.Thing is to have great money and time management skills to make it work.If you don’t have them you are better off working as a driver

  • guest

    Did you tell him what the rate should be?

  • highway98

    you joking

  • Russ Mills

    You know now is not the time to try and start your own trucking business, everyone is cutting rates, you lease to someone on a percentage pay option you should be able to see what the customer is billed so you know what your percentage should be……you will be fired if you ask to see that invoice, there is so much dishonesty in our industry, if you don’t have your own customers who say they will pay you a decent rate to move there freight, and you will have to use freight brokers for you loads…..please don’t do this there are so many people that will use you and screw you!! Please do the home work first know what you are getting into before you jump in!!!! One more thing you can get your own authority on line, you can line up your own process agents, you can do it all online…….I’m telling you to look into it before you spend a lot of money you don’t have to , you can do it all your self……….we did and we have had our own carrier authority sense 1992 and our broker sense 2003…….. We pay the carriers we use in 7 days not 30 or 40 ……..what ever you decide ……..be carefull there are a lot of people out there that want to put there hand in your pocket!!!!!!!! BE CAREFULL!

  • Mind Games

    Yes the time is just right because the rich trucking company owners are doing everything they can to destroy the little guy and how are they doing it?
    By keeping you working for them of course but if you look at what they have been doing as of late you see they are desperate to maintain power in this industry and if you truly love your country you will cut off their supply to money which cuts off their access to bribery money which cuts off their access to political political power.
    Its a small price to pay in terms of keeping America free and some of us understand this fact and are willing to take that risk which by the way for all you so-called patriots is a very small risk and price to pay when you compare it to what our founding fathers paid to set up a free country so the king or in our case the kings would not have complete control over the country we proudly call America.
    Make this information known to shippers everywhere remind them that money is not more important than freedom in terms of personal government and the free market.
    You must remind them that we small owner operators are the backbone of our country not the rich and if they continue to feed the serpent they will corner the market and thus rates will go through the roof!!
    I do not want to hear you people on the CB taking about liberals if you are not willing to take a risk and push back against the rich and yes their are rich shippers too and if they don’t want to pay a far rate then cut them of too.
    You have a gift that people died to give you call freedom and you are too frightened to touch it???
    You unpatriot scared little b***h don’t let me hear you on the CB I will cuss you out and especially if you drive a company truck for some large carrier.
    And yes I am getting my authority next year after I get my newer truck this year.

  • g

    They run till they are BROKE for the CUT RATE…or they run till “the accident”…..and sometimes end up in Prison. lol

  • g

    Better have Money in the bank for when the engine and trans take a Dump out in Timbuctoo. lol

  • g

    Yep..you will get a PERCENTAGE of the PHONY AMOUNT they tell you is billed to the customer….they get Rich by Skimming.

  • g

    If you want to waste your time…all phases of truck Ownership are for you….much better to open a Subway Franchise….or any Business other than Trucking…nearly impossible to succeed today….a FEW might do well but generally MOST wash out…..after destroying their lives, their credit, and driving record…..it is a Dangerous industry too…some people and up dead…accidents, robberies, heart attacks….not an industry you will “causally” be involved in.

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