POLL: Is there a video camera in or on your truck?

| May 22, 2014

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I have one looking out the front , so if i clip one of the jackasses that run up to were there lane ends and cut in front of me , i got it on the card as i run over there car with the big rims , one copy well be on youtube lol

  • Dennis Schaaf

    I have a webcam that attaches to my laptop thru the USB port. I clear the video at the end of each day if nothing is needed to save. My lawyer said it is the best $70 I ever spent.

  • David Ebnet

    Same here I had a store bought dash can quality wasn’t good and the cards filled up way to fast!

  • William McKelvie

    This is what I have http://www.videodashcam.com/hd-dvr-video-recorder-nightvision-rotatable/

    I also have a second card with me in case I need it. Buy at least a 16 if not 32 card.

  • FoxStar

    I’ll be buying a nice GoPro soon.

  • http://www.mobilevideocameras.com Peter Allott

    We supply professional grade Dashcams to trucking fleets as well as 4 camera systems- 32GB SD cards, HD video, hardwire options, passive GPS and G-sensor built in etc


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