POLL: Should carrier CSA scores be withheld from public view?

| April 23, 2014

  • Dave Nichols

    until better ystem of scoring is put in place it hould nbot be openly available. the most unfair part is lack of reponsibility for a crash. and also the failure to remove charges for court verdicts in favor of the carriers or drivers.
    with todays investigative abiities law enforcement and regulatory egencies can accuratley deterimine reponsiblity. when a non comercial vehicle is at fault there should not be the heavily wieghted scores falling on carriers and drivers.
    This is putting the law in reverse where we ar guilty until or vn if proven not guity. illegal at best.

  • Shaggy

    Learn To Spell

  • safetygirl

    I’m guessing those are just typos on a hand held device, not spelling errors. Smart phones and tablets are the only way we can hear from truck drivers since hours of service changes are lengthening the day for them & they have to live all of their waking hours out on the road to keep the same pay. We probably all agree with what he says. If the score does not reflect actual safety then it should not be made public.

  • Shaggy

    CSA as hole is flawed and most of it has nothing to do with safety. Forgetting to draw a line in a log book has absolutely nothing to with safety.But the biggest problem with it is if you are in a accident and not at fault it is still held against the commercial diver.

  • safetygirl

    There is little recourse for violation/inspection data. To challenge a violation through Data Q is only really possible in a handful of situations and that with time spent gathering evidence at the stop location. It wont happen in most cases. A trucker cant afford the additional hours it takes to run around taking pictures and accessing the system when he is already late for a run on 3% profit margin. A rubbed hose can only be challenged by convincing pictures or by removing the hose and sending it in. Flickering lights can be called no lights and its not challengable since it cant be proven. This proof problem is in addition to the flaws in the scoring which cause inaccurate depictions of a company’s safety. Its like making motorists drive records public without motorists ever having the right to answer the charges on their record.

  • rydermike

    But there also needs to be tweeks , like JUSTIFYING points to actual at fault also companies need to stop being able to be self insured and therefore capable of hiding crashes.

  • Dave Nichols

    weve had some success with drivers using smart phones to photograph things like brake adjustments and as soon as they tell the insector the photo is going email to safety director they are suddenly ok. same with most defects, a photo and email from the site will often turn things around.

  • Dave Nichols

    Yes I need to work on my spelling. One finger on the iphone keyboard really makes my spelling skills look bad. That said, I hope you were still able to understand my point.

  • Dave Nichols

    And now it is my turn. Hole is an opening where whole refers to the sum of something. And “to do with” is the proper grammer for the next sentence.
    But we are still all in agreement that csa is less than ideal. Another thing in life tht we must put effort into by writing to our representatives etc to let them know what these agencies are doing or not doing.

  • Shaggy

    Good luck with that. Now that our government has been proven to be an oligarchy that just verifies what I have been saying for the last several years. Our Government “DOES NOT RUN OUR GOVERNMENT”. So keep voicing your opinion and you will continue to get the same result you got when you voiced your opinion on hours of service. FMCSA has their orders on what was to be done and watch every thing they do,talk all you want they are going to do what they want and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

  • Steve Miller

    No, I think this is a good tool for a compliant driver looking for work to view potential companies to work for. It’s kind of like PSP in reverse. I would want to know a companies ratings before I apply with them. If they don’t meet my expectations for safety and compliance, I won’t let them waste their time on me.

  • Deez Nuts

    What’s a commercial diver have to do with this?

  • Clarence Mullins

    The reason I have is some violations are not justfied. For example dot inspection officer says look you must have run ove a nail instead of him saying ok stay here get it fixed he puts a out of service on truck and writes a warning ticket for it.Now what kind of violation should i get for that or better yet who is reaponsible for the nail i run over on the road the state for not ckeaning it up they should be at fault too.Goes to show how dumb the system is and companies using your csa score to bring your pay down if you get violations like a safety bonus.Its all a scam nothing about safety just big companies trying to run little companies out of bussiness and another way for the government to harrass you.

  • Rich Miller

    Slightly off topic here but…Is anyone else irritated that if ticketed in your personal vehicle it’s reflected on your CMV record? That’s always bothered me

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