POLL: What is driving tight capacity in truckload today?

| May 08, 2014

  • DE_from_NC

    I’m gonna type this one more time- MAYBE one poor soul out there will see it AND “GET IT”- THE WHOLE of this “banksters taking over our country OPERATION” HAS OUR INDUSTRY SQUARE IN THE FOREFRONT !! Think about it ! THEY ARE DYING TO GET A CIVIL WAR STARTED in this country !! And even though some 50-70% of our military say THEY WON’T FIRE ON US, there’s STILL that pesky 30% who didn’t get any attention growing up, who think “skinhead supremacist types “are cool”, and are on a SERIOUS “power trip” dressed in ANY KIND of uniform, are who we will have to watch out for. BUT ! They don’t realize they’ll be going up against “the BIGGEST ARMED ARMY there ever was” if the psychos choose “that red button”. With that said, let’s look at WHAT CONDITIONS WE NEED TO AGGRAVATE THE SITUATION- Well, to start with, between all the new fangled “MEDICAL disqualification rules” for drivers (if ya can’t run like Jesse Owens and sleep without snoring YOUR ASS IS OUT !!), THAT’S A HELL OF A START !! Throw in “E-logs for everybody” (so a 3-400 mi day IS A BIG DAY !) AND YOU’VE GOT EMPTY STORE SHELVES !! What happens next ? Food and/or clothes riots FOR WHAT IS IN STOCK !! Then what’s next ? Well in come your braindead, steroid “junkies” that are here for “crowd/riot/looting “control” !! And do you think for a f***g second NO INNOCENT CITIZEN will end up with a “Gestapo full clip EMPTIED INTO THEM” ? All they gotta do IS STOP/SLOW DOWN/DELAY the trucks and the Rothschild’s & Rochefeller’s will sit right there and watch their “takeover of the U.S.” come off without a hitch with their “team of puppets with BOTH “R”‘s & “D”‘s by their names making folks think THEIR VOTE MAKES A DIFFERENCE !! HAHAHAHA!! Evidently you ain’t see this- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eER3oha8q2U

    If you can’t see by now THAT THERE IS A “EXTERNAL FORCE” controlling your country THAT IS NOT THE GOV’T then you just flat “DON’T GET IT” !! Stopping us, making empty store shelves, is just part of it !!

  • Dave Nichols

    we are not getting any response to job openings. there seems to be a shortage of decent drivers. business is showing some signs of increasing but still a bit hesitant.

  • Jack Simon

    I agree with much of what you said, BUT elogs do not prevent you from getting in a good day of driving. I started out this morning, delivered a load, go my trailer washed out, deadheaded to within 1 hour of my pickup tomorrow morning and had a total drive time of 10 hr and 11 min with a total miles of 647. I had on-duty time of 40 min that included a pre and post trip and fueling. This is all using elogs, and I even stopped to have a paperwork inspection at a weigh station heading into Colorado. At the end of my work week I will have about 3,800 miles. Another factor is having a decent dispatcher that keeps the loads coming when you finish one up, the next is ready to go after.
    The biggest key to having a good mileage day is keeping the left door closed. When your left door is open, the wheels don’t turn.

  • wifesaysfish

    Jack I see what you are saying but your are in violation. Your unload time, pre and post trip time trailer washout time, and dot inspection time are all line 4 time. Cant do it in 40 minutes,

  • Jedi Tanker

    But with if it really did only take 40 minutes total? Isn’t that one of the much proclaimed advantages of E-logs? Its down to the exact minute, not a set time limit that some companies like to see on a paperlog, i.e. 30 minutes for fueling? Unload time…been to many places where check-in time and bumping the dock took less than 15 minutes and I didn’t have to be on the dock to “supervise” loading/unloading.

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