POLL: What will you do when/if an electronic log mandate arrives?

| March 06, 2014

  • Ralph

    As an afterthought. Wonder how long it will take before the e log will be required to report not only to the company, but also to the fmcsa? Think it won’t happen? 10 years ago we wouldn’t have thought nsa would be recording our phone records.

  • ralph

    I’m already using an electronic log, it’s an app on my phone. But I am fully aware that this is a long way from the eld’s that will be mandated. My version is nothing more than a digital version of the paper logs. I hope that people using this realizes that they won’t be compliant once this rule becomes effective.

  • Ralph

    On a lighter side, I looked over my granddaughter’s math homework the other night. After getting a look at the new math, I’ve decided that I don’t know math. I can get the right answer, but I am totally wrong in getting it. So it doesn’t count that I got the right answer. Kinda like what the government is telling us that we don’t know how to do log book math anymore.

  • Spence

    You’ve probably seen the conversation between me and “David Bryan” and we basically bickered back and forth like a couple of little kids. Trying to argue with someone like him is like getting into a pissing match with a skunk. You can’t win. What I said in my first comment is very true. When I went to grade school in the early ’80’s there were good hand calculators but we were not allowed to use them at all for our math assignments and we had to learn to tell time on regular clock along with learning cursive writing. My mothers and schoolteachers thinking was that if we depended on calculators or other devices we wouldn’t learn basic math skills or learn how to think for ourselves. My first watch was digital but I still had to learn to tell time on a regular clock before I could have one. It’s not that these e-log devices are bad and computers are a good tool as well, but forcing everyone to have one to me is just plain wrong. They’re great when they work but not so great when they quit. Socialism sounds great, love the idea, just one problem, it doesn’t work. Just look at what happened in Europe and Russia in the twentieth century. It seems to me that when socialist liberal dogooders take control , they end up getting into trouble, and so called evil, greedy, capitalists always have to come to the rescue and bail them out and looking at history it’s always worked that way. I think the government in America is getting way out of hand and overbearing in my opinion. It’s like making compromises with a bully. Pretty soon it’s not enough and they want more. Anyways I’ve probably said enough and I want to say thank you for the nice reply. I hope what ever it is you end up doing works out for you and wish you the best.

  • jojo

    I would imagine that for whatever reason, and there could be many, your co put these boxes in their trucks.
    I don’t want or need this box. I am not willing to jeopardize my my livelihood and all that I have by running outlaw as we did back in the day.
    The co Driver is being supervised via this box. In my mind, this means that the co Driver is not being compensated for the time they are at work. Nothing new here as the co Driver is paid by the mile and therefor is only being paid while driving between shipper and receiver.
    I know that I can operate this device. Point is, why should I have to?
    This box is demoralizing to an OO as it makes us all criminals to say the least. After years of running a book I am now to Stupid to know how to do so.
    Would you have this same attitude if it were a tracking implant that ALL Citizens had to have?
    Is this just the beginning?

  • Matthew L. Cook

    The bigger trucking companies already using the elogs are pushing this mandate to choke the smaller companies out. Fat chance to stop it.

  • Mark Ford

    retire/look for another line of work

  • David Bryan

    Hi Spence i did some research for you these facts
    Just so you Know this guy is a republican conservative Governor, that is behind this eLog Bill that will be sing into law trust me he stand to make big bucks from all this. he’s a “Capitalist” Republican who sided with some Dems to stick it to us that’s why i don’t trust none of them. Dang Politicians.

    Governor BILL GRAVES, President & CEO of American Trucking Associations

    The American Trucking Associations said it “welcomes” the mandate. “ATA supports FMCSA’s efforts to mandate these devices in commercial vehicles as a way to improve safety and compliance in the trucking industry and to level the playing field with thousands for fleets that have already voluntarily moved to this technology,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves.

    ATA was one a key proponent in pushing for the ELD mandate’s inclusion in the 2012 MAP-21 highway funding act.

  • David Bryan

    one as dumb as Obama is in the white House? and some one as
    “Smart” as you driving Oil truck? Oh, what a shame, what happen ?you didn’t make the grades, let me guess, while you were delivering oil to Harvard, Obama was there teaching law oh i would be mad too i understand oh let me piss you off a little more, is it because this little Black African from Kenya is in the White House when it should have bin you. but before you get mad remember you you didn’t make the grades even George Bush is smarter than you he finish Yale with a C+

  • Fedup

    Jesus loves you, everyone else thinks your an asshole !!!

  • David Bryan

    I notice something interesting you sign in as Fedup are you “fedup” with me ?, oh let me guess, maybe you are “fedup” with Mom because she won’t tell you who your real Father is ?

  • Fedup

    Just “fedup” with guys like you. I know who my father is. Sorry to disappoint you. I don’t often talk to Obama supporters, but when I do I order large fries. Sorry but they’re all out of fries.

  • David Bryan

    Jo you are right on the money love your comment

  • jojo

    Thanks for your support. I ask that you read more of my opinions. I understand that you may or may not agree. If they promote thought then we will be closer to a realistic solution.

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