POLL: Where are you doing your restarts?

| June 05, 2014

  • James Hughes

    Restarts are nessesary..I have taken restarts rather than run a short run and be out of hours at a Shipper/Reciever. They would make you move your truck and you would be in violation of the laws.

  • mousekiller

    We find it so much easier to just recap our hours than mess with a potential 50 plus hours off to gain a 34. This whole HOS garbage thrust upon us is totally BS. Right along with the 30 min break.

  • Kelli freightlines

    We run sometimes four days and some times for 8 or nine. Sucks when your home and cannot get a restart after being there for a few days!! What were they thinking? Everything
    in the past years would force a driver to run harder.. DUH

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