Q&A: Meditation expert Elizabeth Harper

| April 13, 2010

Some of the benefits include lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increased concentration, reduced pain, improved sleep, relief for depression, anti-aging and enhanced immunity to infection.

TN: How can meditation help with road rage issues?

EH: Practicing meditation can change the way you react in stressful situations. Rage stimulates adrenaline in the body fueling the “fight or flight” response. Meditation and meditative breathing calms the emotions, negates fear and reduces the internal chatter that surfaces during a stressful event.

TN: Truckers are often isolated and lonely. Can meditation help them become more content with their life?

EH: Meditation can help you access a natural state of being that inhances inner peace and happiness. It brings you into the present moment and links you with that part of yourself that is all knowing or, as some mystics call it, Nirvana. This state of consciousness seeps into your everyday life and gives you a greater sense of meaning and purpose. When you have achieved this, you will no longer feel isolated and lonely.

TN: Is meditation compatible with traditional religion?

EH: Meditation is compatible with all religions, it will not affect your beliefs, and it does not require faith. Some people think it is solely a religious practice as some cultures and religions use it as a means to attain higher consciousness.

TN: You talk about forgiveness. How can forgiving grievances help increase happiness?

EH: When you forgive you let go of the stress and conflict that can contribute to disharmony and unhappiness. Imagine holding your breath. This is what you do when you hold onto your grievances. As soon as you let that breath go your body can relax and go back to its natural state.

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