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Qualcomm sells Omnitracs; uDrove launches new EOBR

| August 26, 2013

eobrOmnitracs sell-off
The Qualcomm company in the late 1980s “pioneered the use of commercial vehicle telematics with the introduction of the first mobile information system for transportation and logistics,” said company executive vice president Derek Aberle attendant to news Friday, Aug. 23, that the company had sold off its Omnitracs business unit, including its electronic on-board recorder solutions. 

Put another way, as was noted by more than one attendee of the Great American Trucking Show last week, “Qualcomm getting out of the electronic logging device business is like Kleenex no longer making, well, Kleenex.” 

The Vista Equity Partners private-equity group acquired Omnitracs for $800 million in cash, reports Overdrive sister fleet publication CCJ. Click through this link for the full story.

uDrove management moduleuDrove electronic logging device
Reporting from the Great American Trucking Show August 23, Overdrive‘s James Jaillet shared news of the uDrove Pro hardware module and uDrove Prime phone/tablet app, also in CCJ. Together, the two offerings make up the company’s new electronic logging device/EOBR solution. “The uDrove Pro … is a ‘plug and play’ device that takes roughly five minutes to install” via connection to the truck’s data port to the ECM, wrote Jaillet, and the Prime app “allows drivers to set their duty status by touching a button and warns drivers when they’re close to running out of hours,” among other business-management fuctionality associated with the uDrove product’s app to date. For more on the device, follow this link for Jaillet’s story.

  • No Log

    The driver finds himself Racing The Clock alot with this ignorant Electro Logs….a trucker in a RUSH is NOT SAFE.
    With PAPER logs the driver has at least a FEW extra minutes to get to his destination for Shutdown Time without the FEAR of being in VIOLATION and thus Contacted by SAFETY DEPT for being 3 minutes over hours.
    Experienced drivers will be LEAVING trucking too because of this Ignorant Electo Log Mandate..being REPLACED by inexperienced clowns….is that SAFE??

  • No Log

    Mercer if Forcing their O/Ops to use electronic monitoring logs……JBS carriers has installed CAMERAS that DO face the DRIVER and the Highway…….TOTAL CONTROL and DOMINION is the Ultimate Desire of the “Bosses” to Monitor your every move…not much “freedom of the open road” any more……the CAMERA in your Face is the ultimate INSULT…watched by office workers fresh out of high school.
    How hilarious.

  • Ken Nilsen

    I have a question for you. It is obvious you have never worked on an assembly line, in an office, or really any other place of business. You have managers, supervisors, team leaders, multiple layers of hierarchy that watch employees everyday without cameras or other recording devices. If you do not like what the companies are doing then go start your own company. It really is that easy. Go buy a truck, get your own authority and do things your way. Managers have watched employees as long as there has been one person willing to work for another.

  • martymarsh

    Ken Ken Ken, there are some of us that started before all of this garbage, and we did it just to be left alone. 30 years ago there was no one watching me and the work still got done. Here is the real funny part, now that they watch us 24 hours a day, less gets done. Heaven forbid you go 5 minutes over on your log. Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep, shouldn’t you be off the road already. You want someone to hold your hand? I don’t have a problem with that but a lot of us don’t need it. Which is the reason we chose this type of work to begin with.
    If I am always where I’m suppose to be, why would anyone have a need to watch me.
    It’s all about control my man.

  • No Log

    The government is in collusion also with Big Money to bring illegal alien Owner ops into Trucking….I see thousands of them taking loads that would go to American Owner ops.
    Cops look the other way..this creates More Competion for a beginner Owner Op..Competition that is illegal and Growing.
    When we google “illegal alien trucker arrested”…we find 5 Million Articles. So there is a HUGE movement to have these illegal aliens COMPETE with the owner op for loads..Not much of a FREE MARKET is it?

  • Joe

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