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Questions about glider kits: Let us hear them

| February 03, 2014

As part of a planned in-depth feature on glider kits, Overdrive wants to hear what you want or need to know about them in hopes of tracking down the answers.  

So, what questions do you have about glider kits? 

Drop a comment below or email OD News Editor James Jaillet at with your glider kit questions.

  • ken

    Knowing how long they will be able to use this grey area to get around pollution laws and what will happen to those that have them already might be a good place to start.

  • mark


  • mark

    how does the glider option work in the emission state like ny?

  • williamw


  • williamw

    Glider kits work well for owner operators that aren’t as worried about residual value like fleets might be. Generally isn’t that the biggest issue is residual value?

  • Ken

    I have three of them from Fitzgerald. Best purchase I’ve made. Bought them new with re-manned Sir 60 motors saved FET and $30K off sticker price. Also spec’d them to get 7 mpg. I don’t go to Cal.

  • mark

    can I just drop my engine into a new glider and everything hook up and work electrically ?

  • Ken

    No, not just any engine will go into any truck. You would have to put in a “like” model in. Trucks are wired for specific applications. The glider dealer or truck manuf can tell you what engines will work.

  • Rod

    Is it just California that has restrictions against them? Are they legal all across Canada?

  • Dano

    Do you think that the EPA will make them obsolete or ever be able to make a glider that is already built be compliant if any thing is passed.I would love to put one together but I have fears of buying one and the laws are retroactive (If ever passed) and I now would have to make change it back over. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.