Quick-footed motorist clips rig’s trailer — could the trucker have prevented it?

| June 27, 2014

Preventablepg88Truck operator John Doe approached a traffic light on Route 202 in Arkansas, and as he arrived at the green light to make a left turn, he noticed an old Dodge Charger stopping at the red light in the cross street. 

The Charger stopped about halfway through the intersection and left Doe little room to get around him. 


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Doe waited for the young driver to back up to give him more room, but when he didn’t, Doe checked his mirrors, saw he had plenty of room and carefully backed up a few inches to prepare to complete his turn. 

Just as he started moving forward, though, the Charger driver got the green light, and he punched the gas and tried to get around Doe. But he missed his target and ended up hitting the back of Doe’s trailer. 

To his surprise, Doe received a preventable accident warning from his carrier, which he contested. The National Safety Council’s Accident Review Committee was asked to make a ruling, and it promptly ruled in Doe’s favor, saying he could not have anticipated nor prevented the poor maneuver by the driver of the Charger. 

This was an adaptation of Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s “Preventable or not?” series, which appears regularly on CCJdigital.com.


  • Craig Vecellio

    Why would you try to beat a truck that is already in an intersection while you are fully stopped? Idiot.

  • Ralph

    i think the driver should have just sat and not backed up to start with. If the driver of the car can’t stop before the intersection IMO they should be the one to make the correction, not the truck. It’s a lot easier for them to see a motorcycle or other small vehicle behind them than it is a semi. I’ve been in this predicament and there happened to be a motorcycle behind me. I couldn’t see them but I knew he was there because I check my mirrors often as I’m driving.

  • john3347

    I think that the fact that Doe backed up on a public road without proper rear “vision” was a negative point to the circumstances of this accident. However, this generally unsafe maneuver did not contribute to this accident. The driver of the Charger is solely responsible for the contact as described here.

  • baddab

    If the vehicle in the cross lanes crosses and stops on or beyond the 18 inch white stop bar and gets hit by another vehicle that has the right of way~as indicated by stop or yield sign, or traffic lights making a legal turn in that intersection, the vehicle at fault and legally liable for the accident and any subsequent damage is the vehicle that stops on or beyond the stop here bar since anything beyond that bar is considered in the intersection…

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