Racing Beat

| June 01, 2005

While some drivers are nervous heading to the small venue, Busch is not one of them.

“I get all juiced up about it,” he says. “Our team is definitely gassed up every time we go to Bristol. It’s a fun racetrack for the team. Everybody that goes there, you’re just in a different atmosphere at Bristol. You have to – it’s a love/hate relationship. Right now our team definitely loves going there.”

One aspect Busch enjoys is the proximity of the fans to the track.

“You definitely know at the night race when all the flashbulbs are going off,” Busch says. “It’s the most unique feeling we get around the circuit. When you take the green flag at Bristol or the checkered flag, there are so many flashbulbs going off, you feel you’re in someplace special. There are only a few dates we have at Bristol to allow that to happen.

“The fans, they really let you know if you’ve done a good job or bad job at Bristol. It’s really fun.”

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