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Rates continued downward slide in January

| February 05, 2013

For the second straight month, spot market rates dipped somewhat significantly in all three segments, according to the January report from load board Internet Truckstop. November saw a major spike, more than likely coming from a big push from retail shopping before Christmas, and then rates all dropped to nearly the same point they were in October in December.

True to recent form, though, flatbed rates have mostly remained flat, as its January rate dipped only two cents per mile to $1.94. Reefer dropped 10 cents to $1.98 , while dry van dropped 11 cents to $1.70 per mile.

These rates, however, are still well above January of 2012, when flatbed rates were $1.91, reefer rates were $1.80 and dry van rates were $1.60.

In recent years, rate trends have been similar — spiking in November, falling in December and January and then beginning a climb heading into spring and summer.

Here’s a graph of rates from May 2010 to now:



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  • hbtrux

    wouldn’t it make sense. Rates are dropping because 8.5 million people are out of know not producing products. Companies Not making and selling as much product.. all the while there are STILL the same amount of trucks on the road as when things were good..Brokers and shippers Know there are MORE trucks then freight .? Just saying..

  • Mike Jones

    More and More Trucks and Drivers from mexico are flooding the industry everyday….Now Illinois gives illegal aliens a drivers license…expect to see More and More foreign “truckers” taking these loads……there will be NO SHORTAGE of CHEAP LABOR in Trucking….as these criminal aliens are hired by Unpatriotic Crooks and the cops atr told to “look the other way” and they Have been for 20 years. Now we have 11 Million illegals here and you Bet they are employed.

  • jescott418

    Rates on average are flat lined because of a dismal economy that nobody in government even worries about. Can anybody say recession? Because many key numbers show this could be coming. The other key bad number is fuel costs going back up.
    Along with the 2% FICA tax increase people are now faced with higher fuel costs. Tell me that won’t drown out any recovery?

  • jescott418

    How sad but true. The trucking industry is getting worse not better. If they could get monkey’s to drive they would.
    My net as a O/O was one of the worst since being a O/O.
    Tired of fighting for loads that pay peanuts.

  • Ben

    Well that has a lot to do with it, You’ll find out why so many truck driver do not take the I 10 East bound They all take the I 40. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.