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Readers split on marriage definition

| March 01, 2013
Same-Sex Marriage poll results

This poll first was posted when the Supreme Court announced in December that it would hear cases originating in California and other states where same-sex marriage is or recently had been legal. Results showed readers split, with a slight majority favoring codification of a traditional view of marriage. “Why are we redefining marriage?” one commenter at noted, summing up the majority opinion. “Our creator knew what he was doing. Let’s stick with his definition and purpose. If gay people choose to live with each other, that is their decision, and I will respect that.”

The Supreme Court this month is scheduled to hear arguments in two cases relating to the contradiction between the federal Defense of Marriage Act and many states’ recognition of same-sex marriage. DOMA defines marriage for federal purposes as a union of a man and a woman. In December, when the high court announced the cases would be on its docket, readers weighed in on whether DOMA and/or state bans of same-sex marriage should be declared unconstitutional.

While a slight majority voted no in the poll, a vocal minority favored either overturning federal and state restrictions or leaving the issue up to the states entirely. “As an openly gay driver for 22 years,” wrote Ivan Machmueller, commenting on Overdrive’s Facebook page, “with more than 4.3 million logged miles, how does who I sleep with affect anyone else?”

Today, though nine states – Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Washington and Massachusetts – and the District of Columbia have legalized gay marriage, same-sex spouses of federal employees continue to be denied benefits such as insurance and pensions, given DOMA’s explicit definition of marriage as an opposite-sex union.

Sentiment similar to Machmueller’s was common among drivers responding to the poll, as was its opposite – expressions of religious belief as underpinning the foundation and appropriate definition of marriage. Here’s a roundup of driver views:

Same-Sex Marriage Hot ButtonAndrea Sitler: Marriage is supposed to be about love and commitment. If two humans wish to commit to each other, so be it. I would rather see a same-sex marriage for love than a traditional marriage for money.

Todd Ramey: What two people do in the bedroom is no one’s business.

Ron Moses: I’m against gay marriage…. States’ rights should override the federal government. People voted [in some cases of ballot initiatives] for the bans. Other states voted yes … so it’s the choice of the people.

Sean McClellan: I was always taught that God made us all. The only reason the government is involved is over the insurance issue. Insurance companies don’t want the additional payouts or coverage when they can charge a double premium … rather than a single premium for a married couple. Our so-called leaders care what corporations tell them to care about.

Kenny Lewis: This should be a church issue, not a government issue.

Chris Salkowski: Who cares… Seriously, the country is in financial free fall. Things like this are irrelevant.

James Jacobs: God made Adam and Eve.

Jonathan Struebing: Since I’m not gay, it doesn’t apply to me. Since I’m not near perfect, it’s not my place to say one way or another.

Bruce Richard: The government needs to stay out of it.

  • alpheam

    I think everyone should go back and study the Bible. Read Genesis 19 because it tells what happened to Sodom & Gomorrah….Leviticus 18 spoke of unlawful sexual relations being an abomination and it should not be done…Any confusion read verse 22. It’s not my place to judge anyone but the act itself is unclean and perverted and this is not Mans Law but Gods. When anyone claim to be born gay I also believe it’s an insult to God because they are saying God is not perfect and he made a mistake when they were created. God does not make mistakes. He is PERFECT…I’m just saying….I may piss some people off but it’s still my opinion and also a FACT. I don’t dislike or hate anyone who claim to be gay. I just feel sorry for them! So many people are so far removed from God that they don’t realize it.

  • Dennis

    God and Church should stay out of the marriage issue look at at the trouble these two have cause in the world – wars and mass slaughters because of the out of date thinking of the church. This is a human issue and anyone should be able to marry. no matter if there are Straight or Gay.

  • Lou

    I have no problem if same sex couples wish to be joined in a civil ceremony. However, it must be called something else.
    Marriage is between a man and a woman!

  • alpheam

    Man is the reason for Wars and Mass Slaughters..Not God…We were born into a world of sin and the only thing we know to do is sin…It’s human nature for us to sin…We thirst for Power & Money. Everyone wants to be in control of someone or something…A union is between a man and a woman….I am not talking about a religious institution or referring to any one church I am going back to the basics. The Holy Bible…It is our history and “His Story.” Most people when they say their “marriage vows” they involve God and the church (their religious institution, whatever it may be) in some way unless they are Atheist. How can you separate God from marriage when a traditional vow states that “What God has put together let no man put asunder.” Where did marriage come from? if it was not written in the good book “The Bible.” I’m tired of people taking the parts of the Bible that suits there needs and forgetting the rest. I am no saint, I am but a sinner like everyone else because I am human and a marriage is still just between a man and a woman…I guess it’s ok for me to steal, kill, rape, and commit adultery or sleep with members of my family or my neighbors. I mean they are all in the Bible as sin so why not if we’re all willing to look the other way when we’re okay with same sex marriages/couples….It’s a hard thing for me to digest as a Christian. This is coming not from man or church but from the Bible. Like I’ve said before this is my opinion and my facts…I don’t hate anyone who claim to be gay….I just don’t condone it or want it in my face or around me…That’s between them and God and his judgment.

  • Bill

    I don’t care if they marry or not! I do believe that if it does become legal to not leave out all the other different families like poly relationships or whatever. Also, I don’t agree that these people should be seen as a minority jus cause they choose to sleep with the same sex or have a not “normal” type situation.

  • martymarsh

    There is enough news coverage that this topic does not belong here. What does this have to do with delivering loads, is who you are married to affect how you drive, or the price of fuel? We have all the same interest when it comes to trucks, regardless if you are gay or straight.

  • Big Good Bob

    what does this have to do with trucking strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.