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Carolyn Magner

Real women of trucking

| September 25, 2012

With three photo shoots under our belt, we took the advice of the Facebook commenter and put out the word we were looking for a few “real” trucker women to photograph in front of trucks from the Pride & Polish show in Dallas at The Great American Trucking Show. The two we selected, Cindi Holland (pictured, right) of Cleburne, Texas, and Teresa Danielson (pictured, above) of Sandy Bay First Nation in Manitoba, Canada, agreed to come to Dallas for the show and were super excited to be selected.

They wrote beautiful emails about how they love the trucking industry and how they are proud to be women in a tough, hard-working field. We spent the next few months discussing logistics for the show and figuring out the right outfits/sizes/hair and make-up details.

Paul Hartley, a former trucker, writer and extraordinary photographer, signed up to do the photography. He had plenty of experience shooting show trucks but had never had the opportunity to pose a beautiful model in front of one. We hired a hair and make-up artist and I went shopping for clothes. We didn’t have the trucks picked out yet since we planned to use the winners from Pride & Polish.

Everything was falling into place and I couldn’t wait to meet Teresa and Cindi  at GATS.


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  • Veronica P. Sinclair

    so proud of Teresa, not only is she a Woman in a male oriented occupation, but she is also of First Nation’s origin, and Canadian to boot….great pick GATS!!!

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  • Edith Canon

    They are tough women! Trucking is usually perceived as a man’s job. But this just proves that women can do what men can do. I’m just so proud of women truck drivers.

  • Richard M. Gaskill

    Thank you , Carolyn Magner . It’s about time ” Overdrive” featured real professional women after articles on those phony “Shipping Wars ” actresses and that video of Ricki Lake claiming to be a “professional driver” after committing no less than a dozen violations getting behind the wheel of a CMV .

  • Nottaprob

    Wow. Only looking for women who have cute trucks at the show? Shame on you. How about those out there trying to compete as O/Os or employees? My wife has driven for over 14 yrs, is the bread winner now, & still hasn’t been able to get a new truck, but keeps going anyway. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.