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Rebecka Jarvis

RebeckaJarvisBecka has a Class A CDL, is part owner in Whitetail Transport, and will take on any task put before her. She also is a trained welder and qualified engine mechanic. Becka is a single Mom with 2 beautiful daughters and works more than full-time in the trucking industry. She will drive anything from a dually to a big-rig and takes pride in getting the load there, intact and on-time. Aside from her beautiful face and fantastic figure, she has a heart of pure gold and a work ethic beyond compare.

  • Cherilyn Annette Lively Fergus

    She is a great daughter, loving mother, loves her girls with all of her heart and would do anything for them. She works hard for what she has, her work ethic is beyond reproach. Rebecka is a perfect role model for any young lady trying to find her way in life, and I am very very proud of her.

  • Jennifer O’Neal Sandvig

    Go Becky. Your awesome. :0)

  • Tracy

    Way to go Becka

  • Mary

    Rebecka is a beautiful young woman with a heart of gold. She gives of herself to make sure others are taken care of. She is a great mother, daughter, friend, and worker.

  • Cathy A Thompson

    You are a beautiful young woman!

  • Gayelena Rener

    Ive know Becky since high school. She is the most loving mother, HARD WORKER, and one of the most dependable friends I could ever count on, no matter what the situation was/is. She has achieved/excelled so much since graduation. She has my vote!!

  • Laura

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