Regulatory update: Speed limiters, insurance increase, carrier scoring rules still set for 2014

| June 13, 2014

truck-highwayA DOT report issued June 13 indicates rules mandating the use of speed limiters in trucks, raising the minimum liability insurance for carriers and implementing a more complete and direct federal safety scoring system could still come in 2014.


House clears bill amendment to stop FMCSA from raising carrier insurance minimums

Continuing Congressional action of late to try to rein in FMCSA regulatory activities, the House voted to add an amendment to its DOT funding bill ...

The DOT’s monthly report on significant rulemakings shows the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is still working to produce a proposed rule by November to raise the minimum amount of liability coverage from the current $750,000 to a higher but still undetermined amount.

FMCSA in April announced its intention to pursue the rule, and the DOT’s May rulemakings report set the target timeline for the rule’s publication, which is scheduled for Nov. 12 — unchanged in the June report from the May report.

Congress, however, has taken steps of late to try to quash the rule, with the House adding an amendment to its annual DOT-funding bill that would prevent the agency from pursuing the increase.


Senate DOT appropriations bill would set e-log, CSA safety fitness determination deadlines

In addition to offering restart-changes relief pending further study, the bill requires an ELD final rule by January 2015 and SFD proposal by December of ...

The Senate’s version of the bill also includes some direction for FMCSA, but on different rules: Its funding bill would require the agency to publish a proposed Safety Fitness Determination rule by December and to publish a the final version of the electronic logging device mandate by Jan. 30, 2015.

The agency’s Safety Fitness Determination rule has been in the works since June 2007, and it would allow the agency to use a data set similar to the one it uses for its Compliance, Safety, Accountability program’s Safety Measurement System rankings to produce an actual score for carriers. It would then use the scores to target unsafe carriers.

In the DOT’s June report, the projected publication date for the proposed rule is Dec. 17. FMCSA is projected to send the rule to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget Sept. 8. Both of those dates are unchanged from the May report.

FMCSA, however, has delayed the timeline for its rule to mandate the use of speed limiters in heavy trucks. It now expects to publish the proposed rule Oct. 23, backed up from last month’s Oct. 1 forecast. It projects it will submit the rule to the Office of the Secretary of Transportation June 23 and to the OMB July 28.

The agency has not said what the mandated limit would be.

  • centerlaneshow

    If the House doesn’t step in every trucker on the highway will be in everyone’s way because they all will be running at the same speed. Never mind doing posted speed limits because not all states run the same speed limit. Higher Insurance rates will just put a bigger target on the transportation industry although the major company’s won’t worry seeing they are self insured what a joke that is. What will the new minimum be 1 million 2 , or 3 maybe 4 million this will force hundreds of small fleets and O/O out of business. So one has to ask is this all Ann Ferro’s doing or is their some other entity behind it.

    One also has to look at all these new rule changes that will cost the small family fleets and O/O more money. At its current rate how long before they start shutting their doors because the cost out ways the profits.

  • Gary

    Really, they think they’re smart enough to come up with a “Safety Fitness Determination” based off of current CSA/SMS data????

    The FMCSA is the biggest cluster f**k of irresponsible, unfounded, detrimental and inconclusive data driven dweebs our Government has. When have they ever demonstrated the ability to provide actual data that’s correct and does what they intend it to do?

  • Michelle

    There was a multi vehicle pile up today on I35 E, including 2 semis. Now I figure speed may have been a factor, but following too close is the norm out here. Put speed limiters on trucks, and all it’s going to cause is more of these kinds of accidents because all the 18 wheelers will be bottled up, going the same speed. We need some people with trucking knowledge making the rules, not a bunch of pencil pushers in suits pouring over news articles and looking at supposed statistics while they bring the trucking industry to it’s knees!

  • Stephen Thomas

    Its put me out of business I used to run six forces us to give up altogether or sighn on with a bigger company

  • Mike Smith

    For every rule this tyrannical gov comes up with I will raise my rates accordingly.

    If a speed limiter cost time I will raise my rate accordingly. For example, if I have to drive 65 miles to get to a shipper before they close, and the 55 mph speed limiter forces me to miss the receivers closing time, and I have stay over 10 hrs, I will start billing to charge for the 10 hrs.

    That goes for min. wage. The state of Washington is working on raising min. wage to $15 phr. I will raise my rate accordingly. On this min. wage issue the media UTTERLY FAILS to point out that it will destroy the employment retirement, and SS retirement. There has been NO TALK about raising the retirement INCOME correspondingly to min. wage.

    If you have retired your retirement will be DESTROYED. If you retire at, $15 phr now when min wage is $7.50 an hr. you will have nothing but a min. wage retirement in a fairly short period of time. THINK ABOUT THIS AND FIGHT IT.

  • BRD

    If all these Government rules go through I’m gona have a bank repo on my credit cause i’ll just tell the bank to come get my truck…I’ve had enough…I drive 55 to 58 in calif and 65 in all the other states posted 65 or better…I carry a million $ insurance on my truck and I get along just fine…I don’t want to truck on a highway system where everybody is stuck at 63 mph…Our government has turned into nothing but a bunch of assholes and I can’t figure out why they are still in office.

  • P.H.

    Any number of studies have shown that highways are safest when most vehicles are traveling at roughly the same speed, whether it be 55, 65, 75, or whatever. Maybe the clueless rule-makers at DOT should consult some REAL experts before promulgating some half-baked scheme. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, notwithstanding its support by one of the greediest industries in America, has fairly good credibility since its research impacts insurance companies’ bottom line. There are also some universities doing peer-reviewed, science-based research on highway safety. With all that information out there, this administration’s blatant disregard for good science suggests that it is more concerned about pushing an extremist-driven agenda than finding real solutions to highway safety issues.

  • bart

    I don’t know how much more we need to take before we say enough is enough. Me I’ve had enough there is over 200,000 o/o out there on the road if we just shut down for a week we would make a big dent in the economy.I shut my truck down last year when there was supposed to be a strike in Washington I have big companies calling all the time to hall there loads so I know they can’t cover everything they need o/ops so let’s put are middle finger up and salute the government and the fmcsa and let’s stand up to them.

  • Cindy Scott

    put the pencil pushes behind a wheel and see how their attitude changes real fast. so easy to blame truckers for everything-then to look at the other 75% out on the road. I want to badly to put a sign on me truck that says ” if you are reading this beware i brake for no reason-always wanted to retire early”

  • jim stewart

    Remember drivers, Senator Dianne Feinstein says, “We are all recklessly zooming around every time she must get out in traffic surrounded by large trucks.” Wonder how she possibly notices that from the window of a contributors corporate jet at 30,000 feet?

  • guest

    Carrots for the Donkeys….they may offer a treat in one area and also ram it to Truckers in another…eventually Ramming all this Crap onto Truckers…..Safety Zealots…and special interests…having fun w truckers…….majorJoke is what trucking is today…

  • guest

    Yep….Feinstein displays the savvy these “lawmakers” have about trucking…..”Big trucks are Zooming everywhere” she Boldly Declares!!! Thanks Diane… there MORE you can enlighten us on??? Zoom Zoom you old biddy……lol……ahahahahahahah zoom zoom……lol

  • Barney

    As usual the FMSCA is a cluster fuck of “safety improvements”

  • rc1234

    It is time to wake up and tell your elected representatives to keep gov’t out of our business! Enough already! This is our only means of fighting these idiots ! Write, call , e_mail, become a thorn in their side.. They only listen if we make a lot of noise !

  • Angel sanchez

    I viewed most of the comments below. Truckers need to come together across America and elect the next president.

    Vote and pledge. Make a few phone calls and drag people to the poles.

    Soon you will be told when to eat and take recess…it really is ridiculous but true.

    Control industry, owners and workers, finances,…This all limits one’s ability finance an agenda or apathy..meaning you simply toss in the keys……that’s what they want. dependent on them…

  • jan johnson

    Hell I carry 2 million in lib coverage. $50 more a year

  • Big R Phillips

    Hey Bart i am with you all the way! They will stop when we stop! Lets not come off like a bunch of angry lynch mob type people but really get it organized state by state. City by city. Port by port. And as many truck stops as possible to get the word out that enuff is enuff! Also the media will take us more seriously also. I mean how much more of this shit do we have to take yall? All it will take is 1 week at most of docks with freight sitting there and ports with ships unable to load and unload. Store shelves get’n empty too? Just keep all medical supplies rolling! Dont wanna interfere with medical! But we can damn sure get their attention in 3 to 4 days i betcha! They wont stop, until we stop.

  • guest

    Soon all trucks MUST have a speed limiter, Elogs, A handy dandy Camera pointing in the drivers face to Spy on Him, and the driver Adhere(heel) to all Orders of FMCSA! When he is pulled over by a pimple faced minion of the Government….he must smartly exithis vehicle and Goose Step for the examining “officer”…….and STILL they wont be happy….they will addeven MORE RULES!!!

  • guest

    Nobody can really keep up with all these dumb”rules…if you get pulled over this jack ass is going to find SOME crap to stick on your CSA file…and they keep adding Devices that MUST be installed to Further monitor what you are doing……a prison on wheels for sure…adding the Camera will be the final slap in the face to all truckers…..imagine some Goons looking at you…and ya dont know who the hell the Goons are…it is actually kind of funny…if youdont have to be the Puppet/Driver…..the office workers and Cops think it is hilarious that “truckers” have already given up so many Freedoms so quickly…they are simply tightening the Noose that has been around the neck for a Long Time…..if you are a puppet…trucking is for you.

  • jan johnson

    Oh the top speed for that Walmart truck the hit Morgan has 65 mph. Just think what it could have done if they was parked in the lane of travel in Atlanta. They would have got a ticket for blocking the line of travel. Driver of van would’ve got a ticket for causeing a accident. Walmart driver being takeing urine test for drugs. Before he went back to work.

  • jan johnson

    Just today I had a young girl in a new car pass me on a get off ramp at a red light she get off in the dirt just to go around me cut me off in a one line just so she can get frount of me at that light an turn left. No dam respect no cares for her own safety or any body else.

  • jan johnson

    These drivers are every where. They are the ones that end up dead because there no respect for other motorest. They got that attuide oh I have insurance. And that gives them the right to drive like there stuipod . Insurance isn’t worth a shit when your dead.

  • jan johnson

    What we have here is a nation of hurry up and get the Hell out of my way kind of people just so they can go no where fast.

  • Raveman

    I thought convoys were illegal. Just what do you think the implementation of speed limiters will accomplish? Yep, you guessed it. Convoys. So now the question becomes are you now running illegal because your speed limiter has you connected to an unintended convoy? Come on FMCSA, smarten up and use some good ol COMMON SENSE !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Haggard

    So I’m going to put it out there considering that many people won’t. What experience does Anthony Foxx have in the trucking industry? I would like to see the government provide his years of experience and in what types of equipment operated, the same goes for Anne Ferro of the FMCSA.

    They keep coming out with more and more regulations that focus on putting truck drivers out of business while the people that are causing the majority of accidents (commuter vehicles) aren’t even getting a second look. With speed limiters you will essentially have split speed limits in every state and the differential between CMV’s and other vehicle will be enormous.

    I guess nothing was learned from all of the studies that were done which made most states do away with split speed limits. These are the same people that said electronic onboard logging systems would make the roads safer, did that ELD stop a Walmart driver from getting into an accident? These people also want safety fitness determination deadlines, maybe they should look within their own house before they come looking into ours. Have you seen some of the politicians in Washington D.C.? Yeah sure, they are just the epitome of health there.

    Big government is effectively going to regulate truck drivers more-so that it does airline pilots, we haul freight not human beings. The march continues on to find new and creative ways to regulate and fine truck drivers to add money to the coffers that our crooked politicians have emptied because they are not accountable………meanwhile they question our accountability!!!!

  • AnneH

    One thing I have noticed is when there was a article about the government getting involved in passing a law making it mandatory to pay drivers detention pay the overwhelming majority of comments made by drivers were in favor of it. Now when its rules on e-logs, speed limiters, etc. drivers want the government to stay out of their business. Well you can’t have it both ways. You ether want them in or out. I personally want them out. Their like a stray dog you let them into your house once and they wont go away.

  • guest

    I use to drive o/o now I drive a state vehicle we don’t have to deal with ifta we don’t have to follow most rules we don’t have to carry logs etc. list goes on if its good for the gov it should be good for everyone we already have speed limiters on the newer vehicles set at 67 mph

  • Billy Walker

    This is wwwaaaayyyy over the top let me guess obama appointed nazi behind this garbage!

  • Billy Walker


  • Billy Walker

    Three days would do it across the board.

  • bozo

    The only way to stop the bs is a shutdown it can be done easily and not hurt a lot of drivers off course the largest company’s will try to run But they won’t be happy with what equipment damage will cost could be enough electrical problems to put them out of business if they comply

  • guest

    Strait jacket is next…the driver will be harnassed to his chair….he will obey commands from his dispatcher…..he wont have to think..his dispatcher will think for him….all according to Anne Ferro Rules of course…..SLEEP NOW!!! then DRIVE NOW!! then 30 minute cookie break for the big baby!! Burp Time…….Drive Again!!…

  • Blacksheep

    None of the saftey gurus have thought that its the training that new drivers are getting now. Its not speed and trucks are safer than they have ever been, but a person that has never looked inside a truck can go to any company that has a driver training program and have a CDL and a new truck in a matter of days and no body at saftey HQ can figure out why terrible accidents happen. It’s turning these students loose to soon.

  • martymarsh

    I am so glad I am retired or I would be pulling a Jonny Paycheck on them. This is the corrupt doing the bidding of the corrupt, but it is going to backfire. It is no secret that ATA wants trucks to go slower, if for no other reason their companies already have a hard time getting drivers, they want a level playing field as they put it. Of course the insurance industry needs a raise, taxes need to be raised because the corrupt keep giving all the money away, where you say, take your pick, foreign countries, better pay and pensions for corrupt government workers, a bridge to nowhere. Here is a great example, I know a cop that retired to 92,000 bucks a year and he is only like 45, now what if he lives another 40 years? He is actually making more than twice the pay than when he started, and now he isn’t working, if you can’t see something wrong with that it is only because you are in on it. The part that disturbs me about that is, the people that pay these people making that, a lot of them never come close to what he started out at, but they put this on the tax payer, yet they want more. This is so disgusting, but it will be fixed, the corrupt is running out of everyone else’s money. Also if all else fails, we still have Jesus, now there is going to be a big surprise, watch out He is getting closer. Wow, I can’t wait to get off this planet. Bet you think I’m nuts, hey?

  • John M. Baxter

    Michelle is SOOO right. Flexibility is key. It’s one thing to travel the Schuylkill Expressway in Philadelphia or I-95 across the George Washington Bridge at rush hour, another thing entirely to run on I-80 out in Wyoming. A far more logical approach (who ever heard of that in government?) would be to mandate the use of collision warning devices that warn the driver that he or she is following too closely for the speed and relative speeds of vehicles. They could set a standard, algorithm, proven by experience to create safe following, then require that the driver follow it. Could even record what is happening and check it during roadside inspections, if they wanted. At least that would be logical. Another proposal suggests limiters that would be adjusted to the posted limit. At least that would be a little more logical. How come they never ask million mile safe drivers what should be done, instead of just sitting there behind their desks saying 65 or 62 is best?

  • nhealf09

    Have fun going out of business when you raise your rates and nobody decides to use you. You going out of business will really stick it to the government!

  • Joe

    Great idea Bart, but no one will pull together and do it with you and “they” know that, years ago i shut my trucks down for three days to protest a crazy fuel increase……it was proposed and advertised for two months in advance and all were in agreement to shut down and make a statement, i felt lije an idiot when i went down the freeway in my 4 wheeler and saw all the o/o’s…found out i was the only small company around here to do it, all i proved was how to loose money……today it’s every man for himself far more than it was back than so please Bart for your own sanity, don’t torment yourself into believing something like this will work, focus rather on how YOU can make it through

  • norman ott

    I read here that we to put drivers ed back in schools. Just think about this, kids all ready know how to drive, they were taught by their parents while growing up ridding in the back seat, more than likely they’ll drive the same way. Drivers ed is needed to untrrain them

  • jojo

    This is a copy of the flyer that I am currently distributing.

    Let Your Voice Be Heard

    “… that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    Abraham Lincoln, the Gettysburg Address, 1863

    The Safety Alliances and the ATA are demanding that the FMCSA control US as if WE Were ALL Irresponsible and Dangerous!

    How can We Drivers Blame the government when WE are not telling Our elected officials of the Hazards and Conditions We face daily? We need common sense rules that give us flexibility!

    A registered Voter has The Power to hire and fire those who work for US! A registered Voter has a Voice and is listened to!

    ELD’s, Speed Limiters, Unrealistic H.O.S., Unjust CSA rules, Parking Shortages, DOT Physicals, Sleep Apnea, Insurance Increases and Low Drivers Wages affect us all and need to be realistically addressed.

    Three Ways to Send a Message
    1. Inform your Carrier that you will be taking off at least 3 days during the week of 10/31 thru 11/7. By doing this, You have just told your carrier, the ATA and the shippers/receivers that things need to Change.
    2. You, Your Family and Friends NEED to Call your elected officials in DC.
    Inform them of your issues at 202-224-3121. It’s EASY and Fast!
    3. Go Home To VOTE! Federal Election Day is 11/4/14.

    As for ME, I’m Going Home 10/31 thru 11/7. I’M MAKING SURE THAT MY VOICE IS GOING TO BE HEARD!!!

    Pat Hockaday (JoJo)

  • Mind Games

    If you have a pick up truck he’s a baseball bat that will hit a home run! Do your homework thoroughly and find out if your elected representatives took any lobby money from the American Trucking Association and place a billboard in the bed of the truck stating that they did take a bribe or two from these rats and circle his office in your district till he publicly gives the money back and drafts a resolution that calls for removal of all those hired in the DOT etc offices that have pushed for more Anti-Trucking regulation and watch as the rats run for the capitol hill with pens in hand.

    But please whatever you do stay away from the liberal bashing it’s old and tired and we’ll to be honest misleading because they are all corrupted!!!
    You must be honest with yourself and true to your country and admit that one fact or else the two party system will merge as one and destroy or peaceful movement of truth and safety. Again please stay away from the right or left is better than the other they are all corrupted.

    I called my local officials and told them if they moved against us anymore through legislation I would build a huge billboard and stick it in the bed of my pick up truck and the call screener’s voice changed to a tone of respect.

    Trust me people this would work especially if you drove it around churches on Sundays and hospitals telling the people how this will make our roads less safe and further more corruption of the system.

    Remember do not lie it may lead to a lawsuit just stick to the FACTS not to any radio person’s opinion.

    Are you ready to take your country back? Well then let’s rock this Bitch!!!

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