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Researchers looking for input on trucking’s top issues

| August 11, 2014

The American Transportation Research Institute posted its 2014 Top Industry Issues Survey Aug. 11, and it is asking carriers, drivers and other trucking industry stakeholders to rank their top issues of concern for the industry, along with the strategies for addressing them.

This is the 10th year of the survey, which is commissioned by the American Trucking Associations.

Click here to take the survey.

The results will be unveiled at ATA’s annual Management Conference and Exhibition, which will be held in October in San Diego.

  • guest

    Top Concern is trucking is basically destroyed……so cop infested you cant make a move without cop approval.
    Also company drivers are monitored by clown via satelite…they desire to Poke a CAMERA in the face of Every American driving a truck.
    Not to mention the Huge influx of “foreign labor” driving trucks today..keeping rates and wages LOW for the RICH shippers….Trucking is a basic Screw Job today. That is a concern for anybody considering this Ripoff for an Occupation…

  • bates

    The rates and wages are low because of the free market pressure to keep them low. When companies are undercutting each other, that drives the price lower, why on earth would a shipper pay more for the exact same job? That’s capitalism, and the free market/consumer doesn’t care if you can make a living wage or not.

  • jdawg

    I feel maybe cops do there job just as we do ours. If a cop fires his weapon he goes through a process of court that I’m sure is grueling.well same as us.put up with it.its our job.

  • JLMay Trucking

    In city traffic situations cops need to pay attention to what these 4 wheelers and local straight trucks are doing to truck drivers.. They would better observe some major offenses and wreckless driving that need immediate attention.. I also find there is a major difference in stress levels now than 20 years ago when I first started driving.. A lot of factors need immediate attention to avoid higher stress..

  • guest

    Agreed! Trucking isnt really a winning proposition for driver or truck owner..a few guys do well but majority are wasting their time and energy…and assuming Huge Liability and possible loss of life..for what?? To be Screwed night and day??? Kind of an ignorant business today for a Trucker.

  • guest

    Shippers desire the Absolute bottom of the barrel truck driver to keep that RATE close to ZERO…..”normal” truckers have to Mingle with the DESIRED GARBAGE the shipper DEMANDS to move his junk for Closest to FREE….lol mostly we see foreigners driving today…..Towel On Head….happy he is not in pakistan……trucking has reached new Lows……Cops are probably in Disbelief at some of the FREAKS they pull over……funny stuff…..cant take this industry seriously….total JOKE all the way down the line…….lol

  • Robert Smith

    Are you really serious or are you being sarcastic?

  • localnet

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