Retrofit-DPF sales to satisfy California regulations lag

| August 05, 2013
This emisisons control label shows problems, possible evidence of tampering in CARB's eyes -- it's one of many problems CARB says it's important fleet owners keep tabs on as the requirements of the agency's Statewise Truck and Bus Rule continue to phase in. Find powertrain upgrade requirements for your model-year engine via this story.

Emisisons control engine labeling is a required piece of the regs CARB says it’s important fleet owners operating in the state keep tabs on as the  agency’s Statewide Truck and Bus Rule continues to phase in. Find powertrain upgrade requirements for your model-year engine via this story.

Sales of diesel particulate filter retrofits for in-use, on-road, heavy-duty diesel vehicles operating in California remain lower than the state’s projections, according to the results of a survey released today by the Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA). The total number of verified DPFs sold by MECA member companies for diesels operating in California in the first half of 2013 was 3,508 and includes both passive and active DPFs. Under the California Air Resources Board’s truck and bus regulation, the agency projected that approximately 59,500 DPFs would need to be installed this year to meet the Jan. 1, 2014 compliance deadline for 2005-06 model-year engines.

These latest numbers follow sales of 6,261 DPFs for in-use, on-road, heavy-duty diesel vehicles in California in 2012, which was less than the 8,400 projected by CARB for last year. Overall, CARB has projected that approximately 76,500 DPFs would need to be installed from 2011 to 2015 to meet the requirements of the truck and bus regulation. Joe Rajkovacz of the independent Western Trucking Alliance and California Construction Trucking Association notes that actual-sales numbers may represent a large amount of recycled federal dollars going to local governments to retrofit their fleets of school buses and other vehicles. “That’s where well over 90 percent of the public funds made available for retrofitting have gone — they were government to government exchanges,” Rajkovacz says, referencing then his long work analyzing the distribution of public dollars, “primarily to school-bus fleets.”

Small fleets (three or fewer total vehicles) are required to demonstrate that at least one of their vehicles of any model year) has a DPF (originally equipped or retrofit) by the January 1, 2014 deadline, and owner-operators with their own authority, if operating 1996-2006 model-year-engines, even those who registered with CARB to receive the compliance extension, also come fully under the requirements.

Rajkovacz estimates that through this year, only 30 percent of the fleet operating in California was functionally under any CARB upgrade requirements under the Truck and Bus Rule. Come January 1, that percentage becomes somewhere closer to 90 percent, he said.

While MECA describes installing DPFs as “one of the most cost-effective ways to comply with California’s regulations to reduce particulate matter (PM) emissions from the existing diesel fleet,” Arizona-based Lightning Logistics small fleet coowner Joe Hammerslough looked at the issue in terms of value and ongoing costs. “For an owner-operator,” he said, speaking from his company’s booth at the Expedite Expo show in Wilmington, Ohio, the DPF option for CARB compliance is functionally “to take a truck worth, say, $35,000 and do an $18,000 upgrade that doesn’t help the truck’s value” and is a maintenance item itself down the line. Hammerslough’s 25-truck fleet includes some leased owner-operators, and in addition, he’s dispatches 10 or so independents with their own authority under exclusive contracts.

As MECA noted, however, DPF retrofits are less costly than the other option available to owner-operators — purchasing a new vehicle or repowering a used vehicle. “To date,” the association said, “more than 300,000 on-road vehicles and 50,000 off-road pieces of equipment have been retrofitted with DPFs around the world. In the U.S., based on previous MECA retrofit sales survey results, approximately 90,000 DPFs have been sold since 2001 for both on-road and off-road vehicles.

MECA cited substantially positive performance records: “In response to California legislative action in early 2012, ARB staff reviewed retrofit field experience since 2002. Of the 25,000 DPFs deployed in the state during that time, CARB found [fewer] than 15 cases where the devices failed to the point of unsafe vehicle operation, and all of these failures were shown to be attributed to either poor engine or device maintenance, misapplication of the device, or the ignoring of warning alarms by the vehicle operator.”

There are currently 43 verified Level 3 DPFs available in California covering a range of on-road and off-road applications.

  • No Reform

    This is Calif….you better write this article in Spanish. The “trucker/Chofers only speakie Espanny….

  • No Reform

    Offitcer…me trookay no have smog….may I go now?

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    sorry but u green hippies will starve in CA if your waiting on me to install this worthless junk. wonder what they would do if no trucks went to CA right after they decided to make this law. we wouldn’t be reading anything about their stupid demands. they would be begging within a few weeks to see straight pipes rolling in just to get product back on the shelves. we let these morons dictate this crap and put up with it. if truckers had refused from the start these clowns would be out of office .

  • diesel ed

    The day I have to retrofit that POS on my truck will be the very last day I enter that moronic excuse of a state. Eat well Greenies while you can. Hope you enjoy the sweet stench of rotting produce. Keep electing idiots without a clue.

  • Mind Games

    Follow the money… Look! If you guys stop working for the largest carriers who use the rail watch how fast that law and all laws that make your life a living hell would disappear!!!
    The only reason why they can pass a law like that is if they are still able to get freight into that hell hole and well if you really look in the mirror hard enough I think you’ll find out WHO it is…
    Bribery lobbying its all the same but you Mr. Truck Driver can be the game changer its up to you.
    Are you a slave or are you free??? If you work for a large carrier you are a slave both in your mind and physical body. Think you are not??? Ask yourselves just like the so-called freed slaves in America, Where do I go now???
    Most of you have no answer do you? You are only on that large plantation because you are afraid to go. Yes yes yesss they have you mentally messed up you are much like an abused wife afraid to leave her husband and you know damn well he is constantly raping you every time you turn that key yet you stay because he keeps you happy with a little kiss on the cheek.
    His next retrofit will be a camera to make sure you are not cheating on him… And I bet all of you will stay and continue to enjoy your rights being raped away from you.

  • No Reform

    So TRUE….the Camera watching the driver is next…certain people(sadists) enjoy DOMINATING people. Enslave them(workers) them, punish them..laugh at them…cheat them( Haslam-Pilot?).
    Speedlimiters, Electo Logs, Cameras, and MORE weigh station DOMINANCE….is on the way.

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  • retrofitmyass

    Sold my truck in June, shut down the business and will never come back to it or anything that’s regulated by this f. government

  • Thomas Duncan

    Figure it out Ca.,a state that has so much to be proud of.People are fed up with your dictating butts and will just write you off,you deserve everything that happens to you.It might get interesting out there soon.You have put me out of business with your save the earth lies.50 percent of my oversize boat moves are to or from there.thanks for showing no consideration of real working men and women.

  • almostexcaliforniataxpayer

    Have my house up for sale that i have lived in for 28 years.I will take my truck and the money from my house to any state but Crookedfornia.I will buy a new truck but know way will i run Cali plates!

  • mousekiller

    California is in for a rude awakening come Jan 1 14. How is it that nearly every carrier has been scared to say no to ca and its BS CARB carp. They spend far too much for new trucks just to go to CA or NY. Why???? It cost them ungodly repairs and down time.

    There is going to be a shortage of trucks in ca. I hope that the chilling houses do not move enough produce and have to plow thousands of acres under. Then they will be in touch with Sacramento and things will change.Point made then. I can run Ca until then but will only do S Ca from La south to SD. Loads have to pay very well and the return load pay the same. My real beef is , the person that came up with the white paper has been found to be a liar and falsified his application and was not a professor. Yet Ca uses his slanted numbers and keeps him on the payroll for in excess of $100,00 a year. His false numbers are generating revenue for CARB so why get real numbers from some one with credentials??.I Will not put the DPF on my truck. The engine cannot nor is it designed for the heat and back pressures the DPF system puts on the engine. Let alone the $15,000 that is the price for it . Just not worth it to put up with Ca and its twisted ways.


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  • Dusty

    We can only hope! The problem is, the big companies replace thier trucks every few years. THEY will still go in to Calley. The smaller companies that have retrofitted, or newer trucks will go in because the rates will be high enough to deadhead back out. The state is broke, has no jobs, high taxes, and an exhorbitant cost of living, thanks to all the rules, regulations, and entitlement programs. It’s sad that they’ve ruined what WAS once, such a great state.

  • Diamond Dave

    We’ve been ” hi jacked” and were not gonna stand for it. This is what one a the Republicans stated as to justifying the government shut down over not agreeing over Obamacare. Well as a Owner / Operator I think we’ve been hi jacked in the handling of these new regulations by Carb. WTFFFFFF
    Not to mention the hardship it a create in an already FU#%^ – UP Economy.

  • cummins 565

    im parking in phoenix & taking bus home to cali! my best wishes to all bussiness in cali! pay double go broke so the the state! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.