Road Hawg: Juan Ibarra’s 1989 Pete 379

| July 25, 2013

Miami entrepreneur Juan Ibarra manages lucrative properties in South Florida, including a strip mall, shopping center and warehouse complex – the latter of which is used as a parking space for some of his most prized possessions.

His ’65 AC Cobra, ’62 Bel Air Coupe and ’63 Ford F-100 decorate the property. But one custom vehicle overshadows them all – Ibarra’s Road Hawg, a Harley-Davidson-themed 1989 Peterbilt 379 with a 355-inch wheelbase, painted and pinstriped wheels and leather floor covering.

He picked the truck up in near-junk condition from its previous owner in spring 2008. By November it was winning awards at shows across the country, including first in Best Interior and third overall in the Limited Mileage category at the 2009 75 Chrome Shop’s Pride & Polish in Wildwood, Fla. Check out the gallery below:

  • Mike Smith

    How’d he get his money to start up in properties. Miami is full of drugs I heard.

  • Patrick Montgomery

    But does he use the truck to haul loads?

  • Smiley

    Nope it doesn’t haul loads, just a show truck from my understanding…..

  • jess mcclure

    i am tired of non working trucks being put on a pedestal when anyone can have a nice rig by not working it – i designed and built working show trucks for years and the drivers out there who work and show their trucks are the real heroes all the others all hat no cowboy –

  • BigDaddy

    What a sweet engine u talk’n about clean, u can’t any better than this is what I love my ride means.

  • Harry Geedy

    I agree completely!

  • Phantom Trucker

    Quit your bitching and enter your rigs, and try to earn a spot on a pedestal. Here is a news flash – trucks are built from factories, whatever life they end up living, they are still trucks and that is what counts. On top of that, that guy saved an ’89 Pete from the scrap heap.

  • cool breezzee

    Cool Breezzee,., hello I am here to tell all previously posted comments that since none of you know what you are talking about to SHUT UP I have shown a show truck and they are very strict ,, they check your mileage and make sure that you are a working truck ., no way around it and since most of you do not know I would like to invite you to come to a real pride and polish show to see for yourselfs that nobody plays here .,., or come and show your own truck .,., in other words PUT UP OR SHUT UP !!!!!!!

  • Trucker

    I totally agree with the other readers,this truck is a fine machine ,working or not. Sounds like a lot of jealousy out there. Take your ride to the truck wash, get your aluminum polished, there is nothing wrong with looking good.

  • one of us

    The real message is ‘If you want a nice truck, do something else that pays enough to have nice things” Such as manage properties. I’ve been an Owner operator since 1984. What always puzzled me is how there are two different groups of truck drivers; The paint and polish crowd (Whom I admire for their dedication to pride) and the real world crowd that works hard but barely can afford a truck wash (Whom I admire for their hard work ). The real question should not be ” how did he afford it?” It should be “why don’t all truck drivers earn enough money so we could all have a nice work environment/”

  • Mel

    I’m sorry I don’t agree with Jess. Don’t hate and envy what others can do and what we can’t do too our trucks. It’s like others put so much money in custom cars, for what? to show what they can do with there money just for a $50.00 trophy? “JUST ENJOY IT FOR WHAT IT IS…A SHOW OF NICE WORK AND NO MORE”. I also enjoy to see these trucks. You only could imagine how much time and money it takes to be put in this shape, having said that; I only wish that some show would pick my truck, like “Trick my truck” show I too would love to have my truck made new..But I know it’s only a dream and I must keep on working and fixing my own truck. Until then I’ll keep looking….Keep on trucking.

  • Daniel Kupke

    Why is some-thing like this in here ?? This a trucker mag not a hobby mag ?? Nice truck but it doesn’t live in the same world as a real trk ?? This owner doesn’t run the road with it either ?? Does he even have a CDL ??

  • Paul Fullerton

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