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Max Heine

Road rage trivia, including the worst cities

| October 29, 2013

No surprise that the worst cities for road rage are some of America’s biggest, led by the Big Apple. I would’ve expected Los Angeles to rank second, but it’s listed fourth.  I recall an Overdrive story about drivers there trying to arrange their local/regional routes for the wee hours because the traffic then is only bad, not gridlocked.

Scan the infographic below and you’ll see all 10 cities.

The ranking was compiled by bestcounselingdegrees.net, a website for those looking to research degree programs that lead to counseling careers. It’s based on a compilation of data, including each city’s accident rates, commuter time, and reported road rage incidents.

Some observations on a few other interesting tidbits:

  • Males 19 and under are the worst offenders. Kind of ironic that they’re so impatient when you consider that’s the group that also causes the most accidents. Chill, guys. Maybe you could bring down your insurance rates.
  • Just when you thought every possible behavior had received its own official disease name, here’s a new one: “intermittent explosive disorder.” According to this research, “it affects 7.3% of adults and can account for many acts of road rage.”
  • “Feeling like you’ve been personally offended or slighted has a big impact on your psyche … Offensive actions stick in the brain. This leads to dwelling, which only escalates anger,” says the infographic. Professional drivers, often slighted not only by nearby four-wheelers but by dispatchers and dock personnel, and with empty hours for “dwelling” on those thoughts, are certainly at risk for this dynamic.

    What have you noticed about road rage?

Driven Insane: The Science of Road Rage

  • guest

    Driving in a Car around town to run errands Im amazed at how car drivers treat each other…tailgating on PURPOSE is basically a fad! High Beams too right in your rear view mirror to purposely blind you. Agressive and RUDE is the NORM!
    Speeding maniacally when no cop is in sight is everywhere….it is WORSE now than I have ever seen the way they drive today. It is beyond belief….driving a Semi we arent BOTHERED in the same way….but in a car…get ready to be HASSLED by lunatics….they do it on Purpose just to be jerks and let out frustrations…its dangerous..and increasing.

  • monk9765

    How come their r no real trucking shows or conferences or large job fairs on long island new York.

  • mousekiller

    Based on where I drive and have driven, NE is not even considered. I have found over the years that Virginia Beach VA has the worst drivers.
    La is no where as bad even tho the traffic is heavier. In LA area I get more 4 wheeler drivers give me the lights or hand signals to come over than most other places or allow me to come out on the street from a driveway .
    I just do not like Friday rush hour as nearly all of them are in a hurry to get somewhere they don’t want to be but want to be first getting there.

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