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‘Roll On, Truck Driving Girl’: Introducing trucker-songwriter Lisa Godino

| March 08, 2012

Harmony, N.J.-based Lisa Godino (pictured) is a self-proclaimed “folk artist just trying to make a little noise anywhere I can,” she says. It’s not always easy, as the kind of noise she’s talking about isn’t of the Class 8 diesel variety but music, and with “50 hours a week’s worth of trucking, it’s difficult to find the time, but I keep trying to write as much as I possibly can,” she says.

It’s clear to me at least that she manages to do both in high volume — and quality. With 23 years of hauling under her belt, mostly in the immediate vicinity of her home state, today in a 1996 Mack with New Jersey’s F&M Transportation (also where she got her start hauling a milk tank, before other gigs), Godino’s lately moved into trucking-music territory with several tunes penned straight from the meaningful core of her on-highway life.

You can get a good listen to some of them by visiting the site of her “Plum Run” recording project with longtime partner and expert banjo and guitar player Chuck Winch.

And check out the video below for her “Roll On, Truck Driving Girl” track. “It’s word for word my experience,” she says. Well worth the listen.

You can find other vids from Godino’s performances via YouTube here. Enjoy.

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  • Sue

    This lady is a Superstar! Great personality, voice and looks, she’s got it all!

  • Christy Kuppler

    I love this lady! I had the pleasure of “making her acquaintance” over the CB radio back in 1999, when I drove local for JB Hunt, and she hauled for Bulkmaster. We got to yakking, and I’d run across her quite frequently. We’ve managed to stay in touch over the years, and she has always had a fan in me! She writes and sings about the Civil War as if she had lived through it, she is a very talented woman! Keep on rollin’ on, Lisa! Can’t wait to hear what song you write and perform next! <3

  • Todd Dills

    Christy, Thanks for the reflections! I really enjoyed my opportunity to talk with her too! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.