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Sandy: Natural gas saves the day for some

| November 07, 2012

Overdrive sister site Equipment World has a short write-up from Tom Jackson on how those using natural gas for necessary heating, cooking and power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall fared much better than those relying just on electrical power.

Why? “This is for a simple reason,” Jackson writes — gas infrastructure is underground, safe from wind, water and damage, while power poles and lines are above ground and bear the brunt of severe weather.

See Jackson’s full write-up here.

  • dotdoctor

    I support alternative energy sources. I see the good in nuclear energy as well as NG. The issue comes when a line breaks or something goes horribly wrong a Nuclear plant. While these are fortunately far and few between; they are considerations. The fear of the unknown fueled by the media hype is what delays progress in these areas. Couple that with the greed of fossil fuel companies and we are always stepping backwards.

    Look at the carburetor that could get 45 mpg that was invented about 100 years ago but was sequestrated by the industry. It simply would have cost the fuel companies too great a loss in potential profits. Now we suddenly have this amazing technology available and couple it with fuel alternatives. Glad it see it was finally allowed out of the box.

    I believe that areas should play to their strengths. In high wind and flat zones like the prairie states; use wind energy. Water areas, hydroelectric or other water generated energy and so forth. I fail to we why we always have to work against nature just to try to prove that humans can control everything. Think Sandy again proved us wrong. It is time for harmony and common sense. I feel it is time that more of us do.

    While I support NG and fuel alternatives; I do not support fracing methods. Pumping the earth full of chemicals and shaking her is not a viable means of extraction for the long term. The threat of underlying damage and water consumption is too great. Again, harmony not force.

    To all in Sandy’s wake and now the Nor Easter; my thoughts are with you and yours. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.