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SassyI started driving big trucks in 1980 over the time as I got older blood pressure became a issue and as time went by it increase.  This is what a lot of older truckers deal with. Well last year My mother past away and the more information I got was to lower blood pressure watch what you eat or get married or adopt a pet.  My neighbor had three dogs and this pug adopted me.  And so the story is guess who won .  I did not get married. I try to watch what I eat.  The PUG. Sassy just love to go with me in my personal truck  My blood pressure is now controlled and I do more local deliveries.  Its true if blood pressure is a problem get a pet.

Danny Avery

  • Toby

    Good luck Sassy! Pugs rock! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.

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