Scam alert: Woman posing as doctor giving bogus med exams to truckers

| July 02, 2014
Joann Wingate has allegedly been performing bogus trucker physicals near truck stops. (Photo from ABC)
Joann Wingate has allegedly been performing bogus trucker physicals near truck stops. (Photo from ABC)

The DOT has circulated reports warning drivers of a scam involving a Pennsylvania woman who is posing as a doctor and offering cheap — though bogus — health exams to truck drivers.

According to a report from the Associated Press, 56-year-old Joann Wingate stole credentials from a psychiatrist who happens to have the same name and is offering drivers DOT physicals for $65. Wingate sets her fraudulent operations up near truck stops, according to the reports.

At least 16 drivers have been duped by the woman since Jan. 1, according to a report from ABC News, but that number could be higher.

ABC’s report details one victim, truck driver Todd Wakefield, who said Wingate performed his physical, took a urine sample and faxed paperwork to the California DOT. Wakefield then was notified by the state that there were irregularities in his paperwork.

Click here to read ABC News’ full story on the scam.

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  • Patrick Gary Montgomery

    does she give a happy ending?

  • tim moore

    Cough to the right…

  • Patty Cakes

    Too funny …. a scam State ( California ) notifies driver of ahem .. ” Irregularities ”

    I’ll tell you what a ‘ Irregularity ‘ is …. a zillion Illegals floating through their Border, receiving Driver License and much more, all with idiot taxpayer / voter approval

    …………. now that’s irregular.

    Notice exactly where ‘ Compliance Enforcement ‘ is aimed ? ! ? !

  • redbull

    That b*tch – I gave her a sperm sample!!

  • sthomas1957

    16 drivers times $65 = $1,040 since January, approximately $173 a month. Pretty hard to make a living it sounds like.