Senate bill mandates EOBRs

Jill Dunn | December 09, 2011

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation committee will consider legislation Dec. 14 to require truck electronic onboard recorders and give the federal transportation department authority to assess driver safety fitness.

Sen. Frank Lautenburg, (D-N.J.), introduced the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enhancement Act on Dec. 7. The bill, S. 1950, reauthorizes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

In August, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled against the FMCSA’s requirement to mandate recorders. The court agreed with the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association’s argument that the agency’s rule lacked sufficient protection against carriers to prevent companies from harassing drivers, such as demanding they work when fatigued.

The legislation would require applicants for operating authority pass a safety proficiency examination and submit a safety management plan, according to information from Lautenberg, who also is chairman of the Commerce Subcommittee on Surface Transportation.

Additionally, the bill would:

  • Increase the FMCSA’s ability to revoke carriers’ operating authority and require new operators applying for authority to disclose all relationships with other carriers during the past five years.
  • Directs the DOT to support implementation of the Compliance, Safety and Accountability program.
  • Requires study of the safety and infrastructure effects of increasing truck size and weight limits.

Democrat Sens. Jay Rockfeller of West Virginia, Senate Commerce Committee chairman, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Consumer Protection Subcommittee chairman, co-sponsored the bill. Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety and Parents Against Tired Truckers support the bill.

  • Scott Sierpinski

    As usual, people that haven’t got a clue about what we do,or even how to do it, are going to impose their big brother philosophy on us again.If on board recorders are going to be required, they should be installed in every vehicle currently registered in the country,then and only then,will I accept it. Remember this, we are not the problem.

  • Guy Rampini

    EOBR’s, 10 Hours of Driving, CSA, DOT FMCSA, IFTA, PUCO, HAZMAT Aliliance, PHMSA, BLAH BLAH BLAH… We are already over-regulated and have NEVER been proven to be the problem. I say let the Mexican’s in, and give the American 4-wheeling public a real taste of Dangerous truck drivers and under-maintained trucks. Then they will see that we are professionals that drive in a month what most people drive in a year.

  • m.

    All drivers just need to park their trucks for a week vacation . Then let we can change this crap. Cowboys as we all are we need to stop this and stand together, or its will get worse .

  • Al Ross

    the mexicans are already here

  • don siegrist

    I’m against EOBR, we need less goverment laws and regulations. We have givin our law makers too much power. Take back Washington… Don Iowa

  • L Ducharme

    I thought they passed a law against bullying!thats basically what their doing to us.

  • Bill Morgan

    What is our Goverment Thinking? With the loss of trucks because of the economy, and all the other regulations, now EOBR’s when this economy turns around Companies are going to be in desperate need for trucks to move there freight! WOW the sheer stupidity of our Goverment.

  • Bret McClary

    I agree with you we need to stand together every body needs to take a double 34 hr restart we need unification like the (good old days)

  • j eakins

    i,m not surprised the most out of control ,unregulated group in this country imposing there will on the most regulated group.REMEMBER WE MOVE AMERICA LET UNITE AGAINST THE MOVE

  • Thomas Duncan

    Congratulations Lautenburg,you have sent the final blow to get all the “Truckers”out of trucking and leave it to truck drivers(anyone who can sit in the seat for food).You have turned it into a minimum wage job and are constantly tearing down all the small outfits so you can run everyones lives.The only thing that will stop these nuts is for everyone to just stop obeying their “Laws” and take a stand,tell them to stick it we have had enough!!!!!

  • Gordon A

    One more step in eliminating the American driver. This is part of the Cross border program to allow non compliant drivers in the US. We will be of course dwindling in numbers as the used cow food continues to pile up.
    I know that the new drivers are not aware of the stress we are under daily and only the real truck drivers can handle it. I have for over 40 years. The new regulations and rules and the BS like Minnesota tried is getting to be too much.
    Now we have the unknowing legislators listening to the ignorant anti truck proponents try to change how we do our job and make a living. It is a shame that these boobs that have no driving skills can get away with blaming us for their lack of safe driving abilities.
    Whom ever controls the transportation industry controls the country. We are losing control a little each day.

  • Carlton Biggs

    one more expense for us.Everything going up excert rates and most trucking companies going out of business that I ever seen. I don’t need any more regulations or expense. I will be one more out of business.I think this is what fmcsa wants.

  • walter wareham

    I’m with the majority,when will the people in washington see that we the trucking industry the safest people on the road considering the miles and property we move.who is broke down on the road the most,people with there u-hauls.but who has the most money to pay for the likes of these organizations,trucking.

  • Ronald S.

    The morons in Washington don’t have a clue. Their intend is to destroy this country and turn it into a socialist state. Desk jockeys are making laws on subjects that they have no idea about. Show your displeasure by not voting for an incumbent in the next election.

  • BrunoK

    Enough already. Time to vote out ignorant, corrupt “politicians” and vote in some intelligent “leadership”…on a part time basis with low pay, no pension and no benefits.

    Imagine the caterwauling if truckers went on vacation for 15 days. How about some respect? I’m tired of being considered a criminal.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Jonathan Rutledge

    Why is it Lautenburg is always attached to Dictatorial and unconstitutional laws.Why can’t we have him arrested and convicted of Teason against the constitution along with about the entire Democratic party.All they do is distroy this country.

  • Tony Calvert

    What does size and weight limits have to do with electronic onboard recorders??
    That’s what’s wrong with our government-add attachments to legislation that has nothing to do with the original bill.
    I tried working for a company that had electronic logs-and I must say it wore me out! I hated it and can honestly say after 40 yrs of driving trucks-I’ll just give it up and quit before I drive that way.
    I get up every morning at 7-7:30 and work till 7-8 every night when I’m not home. I sleep at night and acually feel good and rested. With the electronic log-I was forced to drive at night which I am not interested in doing and had to take a 10 hr break 3 times less than 50 miles from home on a sat morning which in turn forced me to shorten my off time at home and once again drive late at night-which I just plain refuse to do at my age and after yrs of heavy hauling.
    The hrs of service problem is so simple to fix-but everyone wants to complicate it with useless rules and exceptions. Here is my thinking-
    12 hrs on duty – 12 hrs breaks – 72 consecutive hrs off duty after 120 hrs of service in 10 days. Teams use a 6 hr on-6 hr off rule.( no human I know can stay in a sleeper of a moving truck 10 consecutive hrs!)
    All the magazines and articles I’ve read say trucking is the safest per million miles now-so why break a good trend?
    And being forced to buy equipment that acually isnt needed in a bad business climate just isn’t fair.
    T A Calvert

  • Gary New

    the comments on how the regulators do not know what we do or how the day to day business is accomplished is true, when you look at the safety record of the industry and that is with the mexicans we still show numbers that are great, so Sen Mark Pryor, get informed, your father,our former governor would not support something he did not KNOW THE FACTS ABOUT, he did not listen to the “bleeding heart liberal” groups but looked at the FACTS, as for the other parts of the bill, yeah safer trucks, now lets raise the weight limit, does anyone see a problem in this??

  • David Carpenter

    We have ‘representatives’ and that term is used very loosely, who don’t have the ‘gonads’ to stand up to these safety advocate groups who are actually the ones who I believe are pressuring congress for more of these bogus ‘safety measures’! Who did we elect for representation?? Maybe we all should take Ronald S’s advice and not vote for any incumbents in the next election.

  • elmer l rose

    he is right. why is it that truck drivers have to limit their hours when ploice can work double shifts, and are they too tired to tell whether they should pull the triger or not, or how about a fireman or anyone that works more then eleven hors a day. why arent they regulated. the gov’t needs to back off,are they regulated for there ours,no. thats why this country is in such bed shape.

  • Shayne Thompson

    I support many of these comments by the other drivers. I am still very new to the trucking industry but as a business person in other fields, understanding of the economy and what makes this country move; and that’s trucks!! Always has been, always will!! I was alot younger in the early 70’s when the independent drivers took a stand against the teamsters and this country. Yea, it affected our economy and cause a recession, so government says; but it’s time to take back what established this country. Time to take a stand against everything that not only jepordises our livlyhood but puts our highways in danger of bad drivers, poor maintane equipment! Take a stand against the violation of our privacy. FMCSA want to put EOBR in something; tell them to put them in the Mexico trucks and our CDL Schools that inaccurtatly teach all races how to poorly operate a truck!!

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  • don tobin

    We need to get rid of these people they have already ruin the trucking bussiness we don’t need any more of intrfrrence in our bussiness

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