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Overdrive Staff | June 01, 2012





Need a 340-ton boulder moved?

Scan the QR code with your smartphone to pull up a video of the first night of transport of the giant boulder, or search “Making of Levitated Mass” on for more.

Just as the April issue of Overdrive was going to press, featuring the story of Emmert International’s move of two massive coke drums on custom-designed trailers “Lewis” and “Clark,” news came down about another unique Emmert haul. The company was featured on American Public Media’s Marketplace radio program for their work hauling the raw material for one massive rock show – Levitated Mass, a sculptural installation piece conceived by Michael Heizer and bound for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

For the hauling, Emmert utilized three trucks (one lead and two pushers) to tote the boulder slowly – and only at night – into L.A. and along the city’s streets. The 60-mile trip took 10 days.

To give you an idea of the kind of time and mpg the combined unit was making as it crawled along, as company founder Terry Emmert told Marketplace reporters, “I’d say we’re probably getting about 15 gallons per mile. We’re doing about 8 to 10 miles a night.

If you can believe it, the total price tag for purchasing, moving and installing the boulder once all the work is done is estimated to come in around $10 million – the bill footed by private LACMA donors.

Severe Service Equipment and News

Standard onboard scale uses touchscreen

On-board scale manufacturer Air-Weigh’s QuickLoad Trailer Scale now comes standard on all Sidump’r trailers. The QuickLoad scale features an icon-based touchscreen display showing weight on the axle group within 300 pounds to avoid overloading and enhance trailer longevity. The screen also gives access to Settings and the Alarm feature.

The scale itself is configured with an LED alarm lamp that indicates the user-set threshold for maximum load, allowing accurate loading without the driver ever leaving the cab. Sidump’r reps cited a growing diversity of products hauled by its customers as the need for a standard tool of the type offered in the QuickLoad scale. Sidump’r,

Rugged, lightweight mixer

Navistar’s Continental Mixers’ new lightweight integrated mixer utilizes proprietary high-strength steel formulated for concrete mixers. The new design will deliver a nearly 2,000-pound weight savings compared to comparably spec’d 10.5-yard mixers. Optional ZF gearbox integrates the hydraulic pump in the gearbox housing. They’re available on International WorkStar (pictured) and PayStar chassis. Continental Mixers,

Machine mover

Haul heavy road-building equipment with either of Rogers’ Blacktop Series’ two new trailer designs: the Gentle Riser (pictured) or the Sloper. The Riser features a 16-degree angle of incline from the deck to the rear frame and is available in 35- to 60-ton capacities with 22 to 28 feet of deck. Optional features include a 20-inch loaded deck height and a three-foot rear ledge with a bumper stop.

The Sloper’s continuous, five-degree and extra-long sloping deck contains a rear extension and makes it easy to haul two pavers in a single move. It’s available in capacities up to 140 tons. Both units feature a self-lifting gooseneck and self-aligning beam hook connection.

Rogers Trailers,

Tire survives severe punishment

Mid-America Trucking Show attendees drove 367 nail holes into a Goodyear G394 SST wide-base trailer tire at the tire manufacturer’s booth — without any impact on inflation. Puncture-sealing DuraSeal technology built into the tire prevented it from losing inflation pressure, results that company spokesman Tim Miller called “eye-popping.” The industry’s only OEM built-in tire sealant, which works on punctures up to a quarter inch in the tread area, is available for drive and trailer tires for over-the-road applications, plus in all-position tires for mixed service and waste-haul applications.



Daimler Trucks North America designated the Bendix EverSure ADB spring brake as standard on wheel-ends outfitted with Bendix ADB22X-V air disc brakes and utilizing spring brakes. DTNA made the designation for all but a few specialty applications.

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