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Shaffer changes pet policy

| February 21, 2013

Shaffer Trucking has a new pet policy for team drivers that allows them to have a single pet on their truck at a time. The pet can only be a dog or a cat, unless otherwise authorized by a Company Fleets Director. The pet policy provides a weight limit of 50 pounds and requires a refundable pet deposit. The deposit can be paid in full up front or can be broken up into payments.

For more information on the Pet Policy, call the Shaffer Trucking Recruiting Team at 800-669-0322 or visit

  • Mike Jones

    Yep thats much better than PAYING the driver MORE!!! let him have a little doggie……that should keep him happy! You wouldnt want to pay ALL his Medical Insurance premium OR give him some LEGAL INSURANCE or ACCESS to Legal Representation in case he is involved in a CSA Battle or an ACCIDENT… none of THAT nonsense…let him bring a doggie with him……that is much better..You Should throw IN the pet policy AND the above mentioned items..but NO..the stock holders want and Deserve to get filthy rich…not the ignorant truck driver…to hell with him right??? Come out and scream it…Right…our driver/slave/servant/boy….is only a punk we use to get rich off of……..we give him only the bare minimum. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.