Shipping Wars’ Roy Garber dies at 49 of heart attack

| January 21, 2014
roy garber

Roy Garber

One of the stars of A&E’s Shipping Wars, Roy Garber, died Jan. 18 of a heart attack. He was 49. 

Garber was one of several transporters in the show that would bid for loads on uShip, and according to an ABC article, he gained fame as a “fix-it-all transporter.” 


uShip testing no-bid load alerts, ‘Shipping Wars’ star at booth

Marc Springer will be appearing at the uShip booth #66141 at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Friday at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and ...

Garber owned and operated Arbie’s Team Transport, based in New Hampshire.

uShip released a statement this weekend, saying those at the company are “shocked and incredibly saddened:” 

While millions of Shipping Wars viewers will remember Roy as a bigger-than-life personality who knew what it took to get the delivery job done, many of us in the uShip family knew him as a personal friend.  He spent considerable time at our Austin headquarters, served as company spokesperson and was a long-time service provider on our site.  Our hearts, prayers and condolences go out to his family at this difficult time.” 

  • mike whiteley

    great guy rest in peace loved the cat was with him

  • DAGR

    Keep trucking through the Golden Gates Roy…

  • Manga Larga

    He was the only reason I had to watch that show, the only down to earth “trucker”, the rest are just “wannabes”

  • rightclick

    All are saddened, RIP!

  • Dave Grago

    RIP to a brother trucker and be safe on the heavenly highways.

  • Michael Kasisi

    soo sad rest in peace bigman

  • Brenda London


  • Dale Stack

    RIP Roy he was the one on the show that did know what he was doing and don’t think they will beable to replace him.

  • Dusty

    Roy was the only reason to watch that show! The rest of the show is…well…ridiculous, and far removed from reality, AND gives people an incorrect impression of what trucking is about. Roy was SO hysterically sarcastic! After season 5, that they finished shooting last week, there will be no reason to watch. So sad. We miss you Roy!

  • JJMclure

    I hope someone takes care of the cat.

  • Winterbabie

    I am truly saddened by this news. I loved Roy…


    RIP Roy but it couldn’t happen to a bigger jerk than him. He gave truckers a black eye with his smug and nasty attitude.

  • worked2death

    With out Roy the show is just that a show that I no longer want to watch there are to many whine baby’s on there and that female that just had the baby wellll she made it look like she was that only woman in the world to be having a baby good grief, RIP ROY you made the show and now they might as well take it off that star is no longer shining on there.

  • Ujwal Teja

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