‘Shipping Wars’ season 3 features refused load, Evel Knievel truck

| December 27, 2012

Owner-operator Marc Springer, pictured here with the Evel Knievel haul rig, currently being restored at Elizabeth Truck Center. Springer’s haul of the famous truck will be feature in the new, third season of the “Shipping Wars” TV show.

Owner-operator Marc Springer, featured for the third season in the “Shipping Wars” reality TV series, told Overdrive editors during the Great American Trucking Show in August about a load that was featured in an episode during the third season of the Shipping Wars, which got under way Dec. 12.

At first glance, it sounds typical of many of the odd loads featured on the show (click through the still below for vid of a show from an earlier season): a carnival ride dismantled on two separate trailers “that had been sold by a gentleman who was with a fourth-generation carnival company in Sacramento, Calif.,” says Springer. The load’s two parts, bound for a consignee in Houston, were on trailers specifically built for the ride — “one for all the cars,” Springer adds, and “one for all the structural components.”

Problem is, Springer took one look at the trailers and knew “there was no way” they would roll and be legal, he says. After asking a few questions, he learned they’d been sitting for six years at the load location, which he describes as a sort of “carnival-ride graveyard out by this power plant in the middle of nowhere. Once you went there, you were retired.”

Before he agreed to haul the load, he wanted the trailers certified by a Department of Transportation inspector, who came out and inspected the units, giving the shipper a list of things that needed to be done. “When I showed up, then, they’d done some work, but they still needed tires,” which were dry-rotted to the point that you could flake rubber off of them with your finger, Springer says. “I rejected the load and walked away. [The shipper was] calling me a prima donna TV trucker — I just said, ‘Either it’s legal, safe and compliant or I’m not going to do it,'” putting the TV production company in a position where there was nothing else that could be said about it.

At once, however, Springer says he called the show’s executive producer and said he’d just delivered the best episode the show could hope for. “I think it will demonstrate some things that need to be brought to the public’s attention” about safe operation, says Springer. “And for the people who do know safety,” or the nation’s long-haul truck drivers, “it will show that we do think about this stuff, that we’re not just a bunch of TV idiots who are trying to figure out how to load stuff.”

Springer hopes the episode will change the shape of the show. “Now,” he says, “no one’s ever going to know whether [any one load] is even going to happen at all.”

The show is running Wednesday nights on A&E in back-to-back 30-minute episodes.

Another episode Springer will be featured in this season includes a landmark haul he made in July 2012 of the Evel Knievel Mack haul rig Overdrive reported on extensively in February of this year, after it was hauled from Florida to North Carolina for initial stages of the restoration by small fleet owner Brad Wike. Springer moved the rig from Wike’s facility in Lincolnton to Elizabeth Truck Center in New Jersey, where it continues to undergo restoration.

  • Marty Marsh

    This show shows how many dirt bags are out there. These people under bid each other just so someone has to haul it for nothing, and if that isn’t bad enough they bid on things they can’t even haul. Which is true garbage, and we wonder why it is so hard to make a living in trucking, watch this show once and you will have all the answers.

  • Todd

    I agree,these people are clowns who haul that freight. Funny thing is they look so proud of belittling them selfs. Want to be’s what I call them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mario-Rodgers/563051431 Mario Rodgers

    Sounds pretty sleazy for an owner of cargo to offer up illegal freight. I think I’ll stick with Ice Road Truckers.

  • http://twitter.com/WasLegal Johnnie Trucker

    I see someone removed my comment, I guess USHIP doesnt want anyone to know the carriers on there site or most of them are running without DOT & MC NUMBERS

  • http://twitter.com/WasLegal Johnnie Trucker

    The show just shows a small amout of the things that go on at USHIP.COM. I will bet over 75% of the carriers on the USHIP site DO NOT have DOT AUTHORITY. They dont have a DOT or MC NUMBER or Insurance and do as they please. The FMCSA & Ray LaHood have turned a blind eye towards USHIP even though his office has been told about them. What is going to happen when some ILLEGAL USHIP CARRIER Kills someone in an accident because they drive 20 PLUS hours a day because they dont have any LOG BOOK? Even the people shipping stuff from the USHIP site talk how there stuff gets stolen and USHIP says its not there fault they should of checked if the carrier is LEGAL. To see this do a GOOGLE SEARCH for (USHIP SCAMS) Uship collects a fee from every shipment that wins a bid and now they collect ALL the transportation cost and the carrier has to collect there money from USHIP just like a BROKER but USHIP has NO BROKER AUTHORITY. They even have there own USHIP DEBIT CARD that you have to use to collect your money from and again they add a fee for you to use that also. The FMCSA & Ray LaHood need to close the site down because of all the ILLEGAL CARRIERS. They claim to have over 300 thousand carriers so you would think the FMCSA would want to collect the $300.00 from each of the 300 thousand carriers USHIP claims to have on there site, plus how many are not paying taxes to the IRS? The USHIP SITE needs to be looked into to make our HIGHWAYS SAFER because of the THOUSANDS of ILLEGAL CARRIERS on the road without FMCSA AUTHORITY. Come on RAY LaHOOD do something before its to late.

  • http://www.facebook.com/todd.modderman Todd Modderman

    Oooo, Marc is Mr. Legal now, how about the show where he was hauling a motorcycle, unloaded it and took off for a ride, had that been my bike, he’d of been in jail for theft, or if he would of wrecked it, he’d of OWNED it. This show is a joke and a bad representation of us out there who do it right. I can’t even stand to watch that POS show.

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  • David S. McQueen

    The show’s producers probably wanted the truck to break down enroute. These “reality” (sic) shows need drama and action to hold the audience’s attention. It’s why the Ice Road Trucker show speeds up its tape to make it appear the trucks are speeding. All these shows are rigged.

  • RGSherwin

    I can’t believe that a periodical intended for those of us who strive to do it right, as well as legal, would feature an article about an internet provider that has expanded into a TV show that promotes illegal haulers, and has purposely turned a blind eye claiming to be nothing more that an internet service providing for shippers and carriers the ability to post and bid on loads, and therefore not responsible for all the illegal activity that takes place because of their refusal to police those that utilize their so called “service.” I applaud the fact that one transporter did it right, unfortunately the vast majority on U-Ship are illegal and have done more to hurt the trucking industry than any other entity in recent history, by providing for those who do not have the costs associated with running a legal transportation business to compete against those of us who do.

  • solo guy

    i have to agree with Marc. i drive a truck for a living and if its not safe i don’t haul it either

  • glenn

    well you would be suprissed of the amount of illeagel acts some of these shippers and trucking co. want drivers to do. The sad part about it is most SO CALLED TRUCK DRIVERS will do it ,just so they still have a job

  • http://www.facebook.com/KKtrucking Ken Burns

    I’ll see your Ice Road truckers and raise you to Dog the Bounty Hunter.

  • Paul Jordan

    Marc is actually someone that made a statement about the Shipping Wars program that actually makes sense… “It’s a TV show.” Just like all the other ‘reality’ shows on right now. They have to make it interesting. Ever watch Storage Wars? Do you really think they have to cut all those locks off? The unit has to be inventoried by the Storage Company before it can be auctioned by law. They have the keys! Also, ever notice none of the other people win those units? They film a TON of auctions before they have enough for a 30 minute show.
    It’s TV guys and gals, change the channel.

  • Paul Jordan

    Didn’t mean that to be directed at you Marty, hit the wrong reply button. PJ

  • Irishluc

    I have to say that the “TRUCK DRIVERS” they portray on this show must not have made it out of “KINDERGARTEN” and therefore give the real truck drivers out there a “BLACK EYE” show should be cancelled by the network.

  • http://www.facebook.com/channel19todd Todd Dills

    Nobody removed your comment, Johnnie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aldo.arteaga.5 Aldo Arteaga

    Marc did the right thing. Safety first. Imagine if it was you and your family behind those unsafe trailers

  • Rocky

    I think that it was very wrong for Marc to lie about the damage that he did to the monster truck he transported. He tells the audience that he knew he had damaged the roof when he parked under the streets and yet failed to bring this to the attention of the owner. Then he laughed about it to the audience of the show. This is not an honest trucker.

  • tyblover1987

    I think Mark is a nasty guy with a bad mouth and temper I myself have worked in the carnival business for over 20 years and most of us here in Canada have other jobs and work weekends to make ends meet we all have families and I don’t appreciate addressing all carnies and hippies are good at ripping off people and are con artist as we can take apart that same ride in less the 5 hours and do it most every weekend in the spring and summer months and all of our trucks and equipment are inspected on tear down and set up and all of our drivers carry a log book so everything is logged. I think you don’t have any right to stereo type all carnies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe that’s how your U.S carnival people do things but not us Canadian fun enforcer roll so next time don’t be such a big mouth and think before you open that big nasty bad mouth! have a great night sighed on pissed off fun enforcer!!!!!

  • tyblover1987

    I totally agree with you and they lie to the people the hull for

  • PatThe Rat

    For some drivers who may have driven 1,000 miles to pick up a load, there’s going to be pressure on him/her to make it work. Unfortunately, some will go too far to the point of being illegal, as you said.

  • PatThe Rat

    I agree with you. I thought he was one of the better ones, but after that episode it showed me he was no better than the rest. Still, the buyer should have been on the phone to the seller asking about the damage.

  • otrtruckerdad40

    i think there all stupid idiots the show is a farce and doesnt really depict the real trucking world and how it was built real truckers do what it takes to make our familys money and survive this bullshit that the fmcsa and all the pencil pushers put on us everyday its not all cut and dry

  • johnny trucker

    Don’t believe everything you read and only half of what you see!

    So “apparently” the trucking industry doesn’t have enough regulation… We need a camera and gps in every truck and a government monitor for every driver… and when Johnnie trucker wants to move his moms fridge… HE SURE BETTER HAVE A LICENSE, AUTHORITY, AND PAID UP 2290 FOR THAT PICKUP!

    if USHIP were bad THE MARKET would make that determination and they’d be out of business… there’s plenty of other load boards on the web.

    ANYONE driving commercial vehicle on a US highway, freeway, road or just about anywhere else is subject to inspection of there log book, registration, authority, etc…

    Stop with the crazy talk… Bush had nothing to do with 9/11… Michael Moore is a Jackass!

    have a nice day :)

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