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Shutdown = No twitter for Anthony Foxx

| October 05, 2013

If perhaps you’ve been a follower of @SecretaryFoxx — Anthony Foxx’s handle on Twitter — you’ll know that his last item as of this morning is dated October 1 and reads thusly: 

Anthony Foxx tweets


Or maybe you didn’t notice — as you can see, his previous tweet was nearly two weeks prior to giving notice that we can expect nada from him during the government shutdown. But hey, maybe we can turn him around. I know a lot of you were unimpressed by the Secretary’s last salvo defending the most recent hours changes. Hit me up with your best idea for fixing the hours of service, whether it be a system that recognizes proven safety history, includes more flexible split-sleeper provisions or something else entirely is your choice.

Do it in 140 characters or less and make sure to include @SecretaryFoxx in the text. 

I’ll collect what you come up with and send them out via @channel19todd over the course of the next week. 1, 2, 3… 

  • guest

    Foxx is a Puppet..why bother…this Post is just a stop off for him on his way to higher office… we appear to be 5 year olds to you guys??? Join the SHUT DOWN Oct 11-13 to actually get your Position Noticed by GOV???
    No DELIVERIES nationwide?? This would speak Louder than anything Tony BOY would do…..

  • Jason Haggard

    So he is going to do the same thing during the shutdown that he does at work…..NOTHING.

  • B X

    It’s true about this secretary posistion just being a stop off point in a government career. Either the new appointee is climbing the ladder or has been rewarded the job to top off their career. How can someone who has been the Mayor of Charlotte think he is such an expert on trucking issues? How come there is never anybody with any trucking experience appointed? How come this country is in such a mess.

  • g

    Sure he has No he will Do as He is Told…then on to his next Position higher up the Government ladder..he willlook back and Laugh at these days as Trucker Chief….yea right…a real “expert” on trucking…how hilarious..the whole thing is a SHAM.

  • g

    Tony already hates this Job….Crooks on top of Crooks..all demanding lots of crap…Angry truckers….Accidents, death and injury….Yuk….I bet he will be hard to find….out on the golf course…listening to the chirping birds….only a maniac would want that Post…he will spend his time preparing for his NEXT stop up the Washington ladder…..dont expect him to be anything more than a Rubber Stamp.

  • g

    The “Vision” of his Handlers is 2 mexicans in every truck…no log book worries…cheap labor.
    Gov Brown voted EVERY ILLEGAL ALIEN is guaranteed a Drivers License in Calif..(instead of deportation?)….Illinois vote all illegals from Everywhere need a drivers License!! Hooray!!!! What happened to AMERICANS who USED to earn a Living driving vehicles??? Well they wont be need much longer you can bet on that. easily REPLACED by FOREIGN LABOR.

  • Mark French

    OH NO no twitter! Maybe he can get his dumb ass to work then!

  • Mark French

    Why bother with this dumb fucking shut down on a weekend? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.