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| September 06, 2001

What do you think about automated transmissions?

Kent Lejeune
Lafayette, La.

“I don’t really like them. I drive a tanker, and it doesn’t work on a tanker. I usually turn mine off unless I’m going uphill.”

Roy Wroten
Jackson, Miss.
Total Transportation

“They have good points and bad points. The good thing is, you don’t have to shift all the time. The bad thing, they don’t shift fast enough to get out there on the road.”

Mike Breazeale
Holt, Ala.
Southern Ionics Inc.

“I drive a tanker, and I thought it would be good for the sloshing, but I talked to a man that drives one, and he’s having all kinds of problems. The mechanic told him he’d be in the shop more than he’d be on the road.”

Charles Holder
Bay Springs, Miss.
McElroy Trucking

“I’ve never driven one, but I’d take a chance on one. I’d love to try one and see if it’s true what some people say about them.”

Ralph Ashley
El Paso, Texas

“I wouldn’t have one for nothing. I prefer a standard because it has more control on mountains. And the price you have to pay is not worth what you get. They’re fine if you don’t know how to drive.”

James Hotsinpiller
Monterey, Tenn.
Werner Enterprises

“I don’t like them. When you get snow and ice, they upshift and downshift when you don’t need them to.”

Ricky Strength
Tallassee, Ala.
Heartland Express

“I don’t like it. A truck driver’s mind is hard to change. In a few years they will probably be the thing. I think they are heavier than a manual transmission.”

Ron Williams
Newport, Ky.
U.S. Xpress

“I love them. I have been driving one for four years. It lets you pay more attention to what you’re doing.”

Jeff Bordeaux
Wilmington, N.C.
Lisa Motorlines

“I’ve got one, and it’s OK. I prefer a stick, but I drive what the company gives me.”

Harold Mash
Pelham, Ga.
Noble Trucking

“I hate it. You play with it, and you don’t have anything else to do.”

Sandy Pifer
Joplin, Mo.

“I’ve been driving for 23 years, and I don’t think I’d ever switch to one at this point.”

Scott Prestridge

“They’re terrible. I’d rather have the capability to shift on my own.”

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