Speakers support hours status quo

| February 17, 2011
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  • tony berardo

    i think the 34 hour restatr is plenty enough hours for a driver to regain his composure..but the two midnight to 6 am periods are ludicrous..why do they think those periods would accomplish?? if i close my curtains in my sleeper it is dark so dark in fact you cant see your hand in front of your eyes..absolutely no light gets in..so i can make it night time at noon..if i deliver at 10 am and get empty by noon and start my 34 hour reset by 10 pm the next day i am ready to roll but my logbook wouldn’t be ready till 6 am ..thats 8 hours longer than i need…the 48 hour restart is just out of the question,, too many hours off are not needed,,on a 34 hour restart/reset i can sleep for 14 hours (i would have to be really tired to sleep for that long), go inside and do laundry for 4 hours eat in the diner for 4 hours and go back to the truck and sleep for another 12.. thats a lot of sleep and i am not saying that most of us can even sleep for a full 10 hours..(unless we drove for a full 24),,(which is a no,no.) thats like LA to Shreveport ,la..that’ll make you hit the rack for 14.

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