Speakers support hours status quo

| February 17, 2011

“By reducing the number of hours drivers can operate every day, it would necessitate the use of more vehicles whicvh will lead to greater traffic congestion,” Petrancosta said. “Further, reduced industry capacity will result in higher shipping costs, which we will have to pass on. Reducing the work day from 14 to 13 hours will result in less wage-earning capability for our drivers. While the individual driver may be earning less, our company costs will increase as more drivers are needed,” he added.   

Frank Silio, a driver and trainer at Covenant Transport, echoed the comment that current HOS rules should be retained. On the proposed 34-hour restart, he said, “It would add to a large frustration of finding adequate and safe parking for trucks. It would put an economic strain on the driver and the companies. Why add this financial strain now after a slow and long economic recovery this industry has endured.” 

Todd Spencer, executive vice president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, reiterated the need for rules flexibility for drivers. He also cited the negative role of shippers and receivers on drivers’ schedules, health and safety and fatigue and their ability to comply with HOS regulations. “The overwhelming majority of drivers are not happy with any reduction in available driving time, the mandatory half-hour break or the two overnight midnight to 6 a.m. rest periods required for their 34-hour restart provision,” he said.

He added that some OOIDA members suggested that if a reduction in driving time should be considered, it should be focused on newer drivers with less experience and those more likely to get into accidents.

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  • tony berardo

    i think the 34 hour restatr is plenty enough hours for a driver to regain his composure..but the two midnight to 6 am periods are ludicrous..why do they think those periods would accomplish?? if i close my curtains in my sleeper it is dark so dark in fact you cant see your hand in front of your eyes..absolutely no light gets in..so i can make it night time at noon..if i deliver at 10 am and get empty by noon and start my 34 hour reset by 10 pm the next day i am ready to roll but my logbook wouldn’t be ready till 6 am ..thats 8 hours longer than i need…the 48 hour restart is just out of the question,, too many hours off are not needed,,on a 34 hour restart/reset i can sleep for 14 hours (i would have to be really tired to sleep for that long), go inside and do laundry for 4 hours eat in the diner for 4 hours and go back to the truck and sleep for another 12.. thats a lot of sleep and i am not saying that most of us can even sleep for a full 10 hours..(unless we drove for a full 24),,(which is a no,no.) thats like LA to Shreveport ,la..that’ll make you hit the rack for 14.

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