Overdrive Staff | September 01, 2011

The real threat in distracted driving

Distracted driving has become a hotly contested issue and understandably so. In my 40 years of trucking, communication technology has seen dramatic development.

Many proposals have been made in defense of hands-free cell phones, but the real issue is overconfidence: It can be a killer. Whether you’re driving an 18-wheel truck or a four-wheel car doesn’t really matter. It is a driver’s overconfidence in trying to make a left turn while eating a sandwich and talking on a cell phone at the same time – or reading a map and reaching for something else while driving – or any other activity that takes his attention away from driving that creates accidents.

In reality, none of us is capable of doing two or three things at once while driving. Anything else short of just driving is a distraction. I owe it to myself as a professional driver and to my family, my company and the motoring public to give 100 percent to the driving.

STEVE BAUER | Tallmadge, Ohio

“Someone owes me a keyboard as I’ve filled mine with drool from this fine piece of iron.”

— Bradley Acht, on YouTube.com

in response to watching a video of “The Gambler,” Doug Fisher’s 2007 Peterbilt 379



What impact did 9/11 have on you or your trucking business?

“Scared me to death… It made me watch out for my fellow drivers.”


Calex Express

Lincoln, Del.

“It made me come out of retirement, actually.”


Simon Trucking

Iowa City, Iowa

Responses from Overdrive’s Facebook page: facebook.com/OverdriveTrucking

“I was in real estate then. You couldn’t give away a house or property. I came into trucking because of that and have been an owner-operator since July 2003. I feel for all the owner-operators who lost business during that time.”


Owner, All Ways Trucking | Bells, Texas

“I was pulling a food grade tanker. A lot changed and the cops were looking hard at the tanks. I had to always watch my back to make sure no one was following me or trying to steal my truck. Then I was a company driver in Battle Creek, Mich., which was scary because a federal building is there. Now I pull a hazmat tanker and it is just as bad if not more trouble.”

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