Overdrive Staff | August 01, 2010
  • Mike McRae

    Many of the posting here are from drivers that are to young to remember that back in the late sixties and through most of the 70’s and 80′ on board computers were used to track how we were diving. What has been lost is the major Engine manufacturing companies went to court to stop third parties from pluging into the ECM’s.The programs the these companies use is very expencive and the trucking companies did not and were not going to pay a fee so they could plug in. This is going to be the samething all over again and if the industry would just read there history they would see that it failed then are it’s going to fail now for all of the same reasons.

  • Steve Fucile

    I am trying to get a copy of your overdrive magazine for August 2010.I am having a hard time locating your phone number to order 2 copies of the magazine since I was in it. Could you please send me your phone number to place an order.

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