Overdrive Staff | October 01, 2010


Independent, A&M Transport owner | Herald, Calif.

“I was given a ticket for following too closely after I moved over a lane due to a police officer being on the shoulder of the road.”


Owner-operator | Houston

“All the ones I’ve had were fair for the most part. I haven’t gotten many, though. I keep my truck up. In the morning I get up and inspect it just like a DOT officer would – I check the tires and the lights and all of it.”


Leased to Will Transport | Greenville, Miss.

“Wrong lane violation – a lane restriction ticket. I was in Texas, and the ticket was $500. A car in front of me hit its brakes, and I went around it. That’s when the officer came and pulled me over. I was just trying to avoid getting in an accident.”


T.G. Baker | Sardis, Miss.

“Lane changing in California. I had to pay about $300 for that. Cars don’t let you over, and you can’t just blow your horn and force your way into the lane: You’ll cause an accident. You have to wait for your chance. By that time, sometimes, it’s too late, and an officer’s waiting right there to pull you over.”


Leased to ATS Transportation | San Diego, Calif.

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