More states eye banning texting while driving

Jill Dunn | May 11, 2012

The Ohio Senate has passed a bill banning texting while driving for all drivers, while legislation to restrict texting behind the wheel in South Carolina and Missouri has made less progress.

Ohio senators voted 25-8 that would make it a secondary offense for adults, but texting, talking or using electronic wireless communications would be a primary offense for drivers 18 and younger.

Several major Ohio cities already ban text messaging while driving and some additional small cities prohibit hand-held cell use and/or texting, according to American Automobile Association.

South Carolina’s Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill April 25 to prohibit calling, texting or reading electronic messages in work or school zones. It also would make it illegal for drivers younger than 18 to use a cell phone without a hands-free device.

In Missouri, House members had an April 2 hearing for a measure to bar all drivers from text messaging while driving unless the device has voice-recognition technology for hands-free texting April 2. Missouri already bars the activity for drivers 21 and younger, according to AAA.

Alabama’s new ban on texting while driving for all drivers is effective Aug. 1, making it the became the 38th state to bar it for all drivers, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.

  • Gordon A

    These proponents of banning nearly everything have no real idea that they are adding to the unsafe driving practices.
    It used to be that someone texting would o it on the steering wheel . they had the imperial vision while doing so. How ever with the ban these same drivers now hold the unit on the seat or in their lap and text taking their eyes completely off the road while doing so. This more unsafe than before and causing more accidents and near accidents than in the past while texting. Banning texting completely was not a smart move.
    It along with other minor bans is steps to remove your rights one little ban or regulation at a time. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.