Stopping stress

Misty Bell | July 01, 2010

• Stretching helps when you’ve been sitting all day.

• Don’t eat a big meal right before bedtime.

• Do something at the end of the day to quiet down before sleep.

• Weather permitting, get outside and exercise.

• Be mindful not to overindulge on alcohol.

• Listen to music.

• Go for a bike ride.

Suggestions from Margie Warrell,


Multivitamin Vitals

According to, the best multivitamin for men is the GNC Mega Men Multivitamin (retail: around $26 for 180 tablets). The site says that when looking for a multivitamin, men should seek those with 8 mg of iron or less.

For premenopausal women, the site recommends One-A-Day Women’s, which contains 18 mg of iron, the recommended amount for women in this age group (retail: around $20 for 250 tablets).

For men and women over 50, the recommended multivitamin is Kirkland Signature Mature Multi 50+. The Kirkland multivitamin contains 30 mcg of vitamin B12, which people in that age range often have difficulty absorbing from food (retail: around $13 for 400 tablets).

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