Swiftwick compression sock to be sold in Pilot Flying J truck stops

| August 23, 2014
“A compression sock ought to be a part of the uniform of every single fleet.” --Swiftwick CEO Mark Cleveland on the long-term health benefits of compression socks. He commended Pilot Flying J for “recognizing it as a driver health initiative.”

“A compression sock ought to be a part of the uniform of every single fleet.” –Swiftwick CEO Mark Cleveland on the long-term health benefits of compression socks. He commended Pilot Flying J for “recognizing it as a driver health initiative.”

Swiftwick, a producer of athletic compression socks made in the U.S., at the Great American Trucking Show announced a strategic relationship with Pilot Flying J to roll out its Health+ Medical Class II graduated compression sock line to over 400 Pilot and Flying J travel centers across North America.

“Swiftwick is proud to be carried at Pilot Flying J travel centers,” said Swiftwick CEO Mark  Cleveland, “to help promote drivers’ health and healthy lifestyles in transportation.”  

The “chainwide commitment,” he added, marks “the first time that truck drivers have had easy access to affordable compression socks that benefit their overall health.” At $19.99 a pair initially, the socks will roll out in the month of September at Pilot and Flying J locations.

Swiftwick made its name after being founded in 2008 in the athletic-performance arena, building compression attire to help athletes in endurance sports get the last bit of endurance out of their bodies. Cleveland, a veteran of the trucking industry who will be familiar to some readers via his work with the Jubitz Travel Center, TripPak, and others, knew well the benefits of medical compression socks for anyone who spends either a lot of time being active, on their feet, or the opposite, with long periods of inactivity. 

Life in a constant sitting position increases the chance of developing conditions that can become hazardous to your health. The Health+ sock line helps prevent pooling of blood in the legs using controlled, graduated pressure (with pressure decreasing as the sock moves up the leg) and addresses the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis, a leading cause of blood clots (which are a leading cause of heart attack and stroke), edema and leg discomfort.

“As a professional truck driver, I count on my Swiftwick Health+ socks to provide comfort and support through every mile I drive,” said Wayne Selman, transportation manager for Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing. “The sock gives me peace of mind about the health of my feet and legs, allowing me to focus on the task at hand.”


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Made in the USA, the Class II medical-grade socks feature 132 needlecount graduated compression. The sock line will also be sold online for MSRP $24.99, through wellness clinics at fleet terminals and through medical distributors, making them available to anyone in need of a more conveniently affordable Class II compression sock. The plush foot bed increases comfort and provides odor control, leveraging Swiftwick’s antimicrobial and moisture-wicking capabilities.

  • Mike64

    It’s quite comical that Pilot/Flying J is going to carry these “wonder socks” and just a few month ago they announced that they are teaming up with Cinnabon to bring those to their truck stops too. I think if you avoid the greasy “breakfast sandwiches” in their deli and the burnt and dried out pizza and soon Cinnabon, you wouldn’t need these socks as much..

    It’s rough to stay fit eating on the road, but I feel and have lost 8 pounds just avoiding the Pilot/Flying J deli for the past 4 month. Especially the stop in Barstow, CA. that has to be one of the worst I’ve seen at least if you’re a night driver.

    Burnt soup deposits, greasy sausage and egg sandwiches and their famous dried out crunchy pizza with no ice tea of any kind. A real great stop with management that could care a less! Yeah the socks are must eating there!

  • guest

    How funny…that stupid sock aint gonna do a damn thing butmake you look rediculous if you wear shorts!! lol…….there is MORE to circulation than this Feel Good Idiot Sock is going to address. Haslam feels truckers are so STUPID we would go for this charade…AND maybe he can find ANOTHER way to STEAL from us??? Like he is FAMOUS for and hopefully will go to Prison for?? ahahahahha.

  • guest

    The dumb SOCK is going to take the place of a comprehesive Physical Exam….there is No Doctor that wears this ignorant sock…it is Snake Oil..and will actually give an Obese trucker a FALSE sense of wellness??? Money is better spent seeing a Physician…these “socks” are actually Dangerous….good money maker for Haslam though. lol.
    They probably cost PILOT about $3.00…….do you REALLY think these will do something beneficial???? ahahahaha..anotherJOKE..lol

  • guest

    Yep..eat the Greasy Cinnabon Junk Food…then quickly put on the WONDER SOCK and Live Forever??? The “Eternal Life” sock……how hilarious..they should be arrested for MASKING serious health concerns and Poisoning truckers…then cover it all up with a WONDER SOCK?? A Case for FRAUD can surely be brought. Maybe a LAWSUIT for damages?? This Sock wont do a Damn Thing for ANYBODY…..its all another Haslam JOKE…..ahahahaha

  • guest

    You MAY be developing Blood Clots, narrowing veins…high Blood Pressure??? This sock is no substitute for Real facts and figures from a Physician…..what a sick JOKE on the trucker…I bet these execs are laughing their heads off…Killer Socks they should call them….they must think we are complete imbiciles…I HARDLY think this Wonder Sock is a Doctor Approved???? Eat a pile of truckstop Junkfood and quickly throw on the Wonder Sock and you will be Fine?? lol

  • guest

    You will be laying on the Operating Table in Heart Surgery still wearing yer “Wonder Socks”……lol

  • guest

    The “Miracle Sock”?? made in Bangladesh?? got ta cure what ails ya if Haslam says so…it must be so….exceot when he is Cheating Us??

  • Ernesto Adame

    The comments below illustrate why you morons drive trucks.

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  • guest

    At least the dumb socks have “odor control”….some of the “drivers” rarely shower or bathe….odor Control undergarments will be next??

  • guest

    I have to agree. My wife, who doesn’t drive (although that isn’t relevant) has major LOW blood pressure. To the point of passing out. Her doctor has suggested similar socks to raise her blood pressure. The thinking is that lower extremities, when not in use, have pooling in them. These socks help the heart to maintain a better circulation of her legs. I have to agree with the doctor. I don’t use them and doubt that I will, because as a short hauler I’m out of the cab walking around every hour so that helps with my circulation.

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