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TA announces Reserve-It parking

| October 24, 2012

TravelCenters of America has announced a new program for professional drivers: Reserve-It. Reserve-It allows drivers to reserve a parking space at select TA and Petro locations in advance of arriving.

Reserve-It will be available at 48 TA and Petro sites by Nov. 1. A total of 74 sites will offer the program by year-end; more locations may be added in 2013 based on driver demand. To inquire about Reserve-It pricing and reserve a space with a credit card, drivers call the Reserve-It reservations center, toll free, at 1-855-VIP-PARK (855-847-7275) or reserve the space in person at the fuel desk of the participating site where they want to park. The check-in time for Reserve-It spaces is 4 p.m.; check out is before 3 p.m. the following day.

Sites offering Reserve-It have set aside a small percentage of spots, generally 5 percent of the spaces on average, for reserved parking. These locations still maintain a high number of traditional “unreserved” parking spaces available on a first-come basis. Drivers can find where Reserve-It is offered on the TA and Petro web sites, the TruckSmart mobile app, and on the directory pages of RoadKing magazine, which can be found at all TA and Petro locations. Prices vary by site and can be accessed through the toll-free number.

  • Andrea Sitler

    Interesting concept. Looking forward to see how it works out. Hope the reserve it spots don’t totally kill parking in general. I have to surmise these are in high traffic zones with smaller lots to begin with like NE. Good idea in theory. Hope it works well for all involved.

  • jescott418

    This is a rip off and a slap in the face to irregular road drivers.So now we not only have to plan our schedule but also reserve where we stop? So the truck stop can make a few more bucks.

  • Jake

    This is a horrible idea by some very greedy people at the T/A…I will suspend making any further purchases – Fuel, Food, Tires, Nothing ! This is thanks drivers get for supporting them for years. I saw something that said. ” We heard you drivers, and we are doing something about it. No Driver suggested this….This is just greed !

  • Packrat

    This is old school trip planing any good driver knows how to do it

  • g

    This sucks…PAY TO PARK, Pay To Shower,…..on and on and on and on….NO Raise In PAY though…….

  • moe

    This BS……I refuse to pay..most of the time ya might see 1or 2 trucks in them…rest are all empty….Just Greed strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.