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TA, Petro offering free WiFi

| April 23, 2014

TravelCenters of America, operator of TA and Petro truck stops, now offers free  WiFi in the restaurant dining rooms of 39 TA and Petro locations.

Courtesy WiFi is intended for light Web use during a two-hour time period. Customers who require higher speeds or wish to stay connected for extended periods of time are invited to purchase one of the standard WiFi packages.

Locations offering courtesy WiFi:

  • TA Southington, Ct.
  • TA Marianna, Fla.
  • TA Wildwood, Fla.
  • TA Savannah, Ga.
  • TA Effingham, Ill.
  • TA Gary, Ind.
  • TA Whitestown, Ind.
  • TA Bloomsbury, N.J.
  • TA Binghamton, N.Y.
  • TA Dansville, N.Y.
  • TA Maybrook, N.Y.
  • TA Greensboro, N.C.
  • TA Dayton, Ohio
  • TA Jeffersonville, Ohio
  • TA Kingsville, Ohio
  • TA Lodi, Ohio
  • TA North Canton, Ohio
  • TA Toledo, Ohio
  • TA Oklahoma City East, Okla.
  • TA Barkeyville, Penn.
  • TA Brookville, Penn.
  • TA Greencastle, Penn.
  • TA Harborcreek, Penn.
  • TA Manning, S.C. (Jimmy Ardis Manning Travel Center)
  • TA Amarillo, Texas
  • TA Cheyenne, Wy.
  • TA Rawlins, Wy.
  • Petro W. Memphis, Ark. (Jerry Fritts W. Memphis Stopping Center)
  • Petro Salina, Kan.
  • Petro Glendale, Ky.
  • Petro Kingdom City, Mo.
  • Petro York, Neb. (Charley Endorf York Stopping Center)
  • Petro N. Las Vegas, Nev. (Linda and Bob Caffee N. Las Vegas Stopping Center)
  • Petro New Paris, Ohio
  • Petro North Baltimore, Ohio
  • Petro Perrysburg, Ohio
  • Petro Florence, S.C.
  • Petro Amarillo, Texas
  • Petro Beaumont, Texas
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  • Bill

    So let me get this straight it’s free as long as you go inside to the dining room but if you want to set out in your truck and take couple of hours of free Internet you have to pay for

  • guest

    You will spen a Fortune in their crappy dining room AND get E-Coli
    The cooks in those dumps are Low Paid refugees who have every disease known to man…really a Gamble in in a truckstop today..festering diseases from all these Foreigners that are pouring in here illegally.

  • localnet

    Free wifi? Ever order a batch of french fries in their “restaurant”? You get a saucer, around 15 fries, not one sitting upon one another… Hey, TA and Petro, Go F yourselves! Total ripoff, but I do like your showers, when the work.

    Ask me how I really FEEL… LMAO!

  • localnet

    In the old 76 in Dexter the other night, an African cooking… I know the area, and can only imagine… Is this the best they can do? Nothing against Africans, but he was not that good of a cook… This TA, old 76, used to be packed… But, TA corporate runs the show… Frozen and processed foods, McDonalds is better fair. Sad, because this used to be a great place to eat.

  • localnet

    Yes, drop $15 for the salad bar and a sandwich… And it is FREE! F’ them.

  • Pete R.

    If you have nothing against Africans, then why even mention it? Why not just say they had a crappy cook? Oh, I know why…because you’re a racist.

  • localnet

    The race card, how charming of you. Piss off Prog.

  • Mikey

    Being African is not a race. He never said he was black. There are white Africans too. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.