Bailouts: No more, no way, no how

Almost 80 percent of readers said no to a federal bailout of Detroit as it faces bankruptcy.

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Should U.S. taxpayers bail out Detroit?

Weigh in on the much-debated topic of late, part of our Hot Buttons series -- should municipal bankruptcy protections be routine for the federal government?

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California toll road operator files Chapter 11

The company operating South Bay Expressway, a 10-mile toll road near San Diego, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but state and company officials say they expect motorists to be unaffected by the filing. South Bay Expressway L.P., AKA San Diego Expressway L.P., filed for reorganization in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California March 22. It opened the road November 2007 to operate as a toll road until 2042, when the state takes ...

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Saying goodbye to Michigan’s Te-Khi and Tekon independent truckstops

Saying goodbye to Michigan's Te-Khi and Tekon independent truckstops

Soft freight and high fuel got you down? You're not alone. Though business for the nation's truckers has picked up since the extremely slow period we all saw last year, difficulties continue for many, and for two independent truckstops in Michigan the pressures were just too much. Writing in the Battle Creek Enquirer, Andy Fitzpatrick told a story today at once of long-running business difficulties brought to the breaking point and rich, well-remembered history.   The Te-Khi Travel Court ...

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Arrow Trucking: Lawsuits, blame and good news

Some new developments emerged in recent days with Arrow Trucking, now two months after its Dec. 22 closing. Two items are from the Tulsa World. One details how lawsuits filed individually against executives are moving forward even though bankruptcy proceedings protect the company  from further lawsuits. Several of the civil cases are against Former CEO Doug Pielsticker. In the other, Pielsticker responds to allegations against him “by claiming that his former chief financial officer is primarily responsible ...

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Dollars and Sense: Expect more pain before any gain

Dollars and Sense:  Expect more pain before any gain

I predict some pickup in freight and rates in this fourth quarter, but the real upward climb will not begin until the second quarter of 2010.

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