Dear cities and states, ‘Finish the mess you’ve made’ already!

Navigating high construction season on the road: "After sustaining what I'm certain is irreversible kidney damage, a deviated septum, and three chipped teeth, I finally gave up on making across alive..."

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I-75 South, following bridge collapse in Cincinnati, reopens ahead of schedule

Officials expect closures to continue at least for the next two days. The collapse was of the old Hopple Street overpass, and reportedly occurred while the span was undergoing demolition work.

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Former hauler loses 100 pounds with dance

Need proof "small steps can lead to big results" in attempts to lose weight? Look no farther than "Big John" Drury, who at his heaviest weighed 400 pounds, reported Local 12 News in Cincinnati, Ohio. A resident of nearby Hamilton, the 6'7" tall former highway hauler lost nearly 100 pounds combining portion control and calorie counting with a particular kind of fitness: dancing. His success ended up being enjoyable to such an extent that, today, he's ...

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