Big G Express’ ‘Drive it off’ Taylor Swift parody

Tenn.-based Big G Express' entry in the driver-appreciation-week festivities: a music-video parody of Taylor Swift's rather goofball "Shake it Off" entry into the dance-music canon, featuring Big G driver Keda White in the starring role -- with arguably better dance skills than Ms. Swift.

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From one diseased, unhealthy animal to another

"We all know these things are bad for us, but it doesn't make them any less delicious."

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‘Talented truckers’ TV show looking for … talented truckers

A television production company has a rather off-the-wall idea it's helping one of the major cable channels develop -- it wants to create a talent-competition-type series (a la American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, et al) that plays out on location at, well, a truck stop. And in the spirit of radio truck driver talent hours and other such showcases, they want  the crooners, musicians, comedians, dancers, jugglers, you name it, among the nation's long- ...

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