Eight owner-operator takeaways from a trucking economist’s talk

Here are some points made by trucking economist John Larkin, plus Overdrive's take on how they could have some bearing on owner-operators, especially independents.

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Analyst says trucking “inefficient”

Investment analysts, with their outsiders’ viewpoint, often have some good insight into our industry. Other insights aren’t quite so astute. The Business Insider website, with its recent “Trucking running on fumes” analysis, offers this stark summary as an introduction to its commentary on rising fuel prices: Trucking is one of the most expedient, but also one of the most inefficient modes of freight transportation. The conclusion is based on the fuel efficiency of rail, which is ...

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Revisiting the oil bubble, as diesel continues up, up, up

In the July 2008 issue of Truckers News, I reported on huge and speculative, long-only investment positions in commodities markets then contributing to the dramatic rise in crude oil and other commodities prices. Oil topped off at an historic high of near $150 a barrel that month, and if you were around trucking then I don't need to tell you what that did to diesel prices. Well, it seems that investor speculation in commodities indices, driving ...

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