Crazy drivers — the real Halloween fright

"Things that really scare me are watching the recordings of our dash cam and seeing crazy dangerous nuts in traffic about 500 times a day. "

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Power of video: Driver exoneration the key attraction for many

From the SmartDrive company's "Great Driving Insights" series, these videos detail cases in which captured vid worked to the benefit of the driver after an accident.

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POLL: Is there a video camera in or on your truck?

Independents' use of dash and other camera systems hasn't been uncommon through the years to prove crash fault and increase security. With use of in-cab forward- and driver-facing cams growing among fleets, this poll probes the extent of video use.

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Study touts benefits of in-cab camera system with paired driver training

The Lytx company-commissioned analysis conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute showed use of the DriveCam system could potentially reduce commercial-motor-vehicle crashes by as much as a third annually.

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Bulk fleet profile in pictures: Apex Logistics

A run through the basics of the California-based Apex Logistics fleet, partially in pictures.

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Readers on the crash-fault ‘shell game’

In denying the possibility of fault determination, advocacy groups ignore the majority of car-truck crashes.

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